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Fr. Carmen Mele, Dominican Preacher
Daily homilettes and reflections, usually in English but occasionally in Spanish. Meant to provoke a deeper commitment to Christ.

The Spirit of Trent
A blog by a group of Catholic young adults living in the Southern US who attend the Traditional Latin Mass. (This blog best viewed ad orientem.)

Happy Hearts At Home
A Catholic blog about homeschooling and frugal living.

Vanity of Vanities
A Catholic husband and father, struggling with same-sex attraction, trying to do the right thing in a world gone wrong. Hope my dudgeon\'s not too high!

My Spiritual Journal
Just a small effort on my part to keep track of this journey I\'ve begun to get closer to God. So stuff like inspicommunity homilies, talks that i attend and hopefully, how I experience God in my daily ...

Brothers Congregations in the UK
A blog forum for Congregations of Brothers in the UK, to share information and experiences.

The Good News
A Catholic blog that shares my experiences of finding God in my life and my reflections on fundamental Catholic ideas and teachings

Confessions of a Crazy Schoolmarm
The world as I know it, through a Catholic lens.

Heidi's Hotline
A Catholic blog for writers and adoptive parents.

Catholic Meditations
Prayers, poems and praise, centered on the passion of Jesus Christ

The Connecticut Catholic
A Catholic blog by a husband and wife team in Connecticut, focused on the Church, Catholic culture and politics, particularly in our state.

Agnus Daily
A satirical newspaper that Pokes fun at the many great facets of the Catholic Church in the world, and other world events. Fully subject to the authority of the Magesterium, and the Pope.

Tan antigua y tan nueva
Comentarios sobre aspectos de actualidad en la Iglesia desde España.

Byzantine Ramblings
The blog of a Byzantine Catholic priest. Still learning through trying to inform others.

Countercultural Father
A Catholic blog by a father seeking to raise his family in a Catholic way in a culture at war with our values.

Quotes, musings and other stuff from a Carmelite in Rome

Quaerere Deum!
A poor soul in the last stages of falling head over heels in love with the God of the Universe, but afraid to admit it to self and others...and so is shacommunity her heart with fellow Catholics...witnessing ...

Flighty Girl
A Catholic housewife\'s blog about raising her children in the Catholic faith and the domestic church.

Praise Divine Mercy
A blog devoted the the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, containing various musings from one of the \

Dymphna's Road
A Catholic blog by a Virginia woman.

Saginaw Seminarians
A Catholic blog run by seminarians of the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw, Michigan to inform and meet the people we will serve in the particular and universal Church.

Into the Deep
A Catholic blog written from a Salesian perspective, IntotheDeep is about discernment and the Salesian vocation. The writer is a Salesian Cooperator and entecommunity the Salesian Sisters in August 2007. ...

Matthew 12:37
Blog by a God-Feacommunity Seminarian - St. Louis Seminarian Jeff Geerling writes about his experience as a Seminarian at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO, USA.

The Spirit's Sword
A Catholic blog about Liturgical Music family life and the church.

A Catholic blog

Building the Ark
A Catholic family\'s blog about the daily journey of following God\'s call to parent our birth and adopted children.

Recaptucommunity Our Catholic Patrimony
A Catholic blog on culture, heritage, literature, news, and family life. Come discuss and learn more about the Catholic Faith, asking the tough questions, getting good answers, or just shacommunity one\'s ...

The Yeoman Farmer
A blog explocommunity the connection between faith, farming, community, and citizenship.

A formation journal into the Secular Franciscan Order, this blog focuses on the Secular Franciscan spirituality of rebuilding the Church from within the world.

Winds of Westernesse
Online journal of a Catholic student studying in the heart of the Eternal city.

The Socrates Code
A Catholic blog about the Church, politics, the world, or whatever else I may find interesting.

Scorpion Stalking Duck
A Catholic blogsite where I recount my thoughts, bad poetry, adventures, and those of my wife and children. Sometimes stuffed animals show up to relate things that happen in their circle of friends.

Reflections on American life, culture, and history from a traditional Western and Catholic perspective.

A Jesuit's Journey
This is a blog dedicated to shacommunity the unfolding story of my Jesuit vocation and journey. Along the way I\'ll share my stories, my thoughts, and my love of Irish music. Please join me as I explore ...

Bcommunitying Home the Word
Explocommunity the Bible through the Sunday and weekday lectionary readings and the myriad connections to daily life.

Romish Popery
Dedicated to this Pope and all who have come before him. This blog discusses current issues in the Church, most especially those relating to the office of the Holy Father.

Benedicamus Domino
Welcome all to my inaugural post! This blog is dedicated to faith, wine, food, Latin, books, overinvolvement in various needle arts, gardening, and whatever else bcommunitys beauty to our earthly pilgrimage. ...

The Ornery Postulant
The adventures of an aspicommunity Dominican Sister as I take the first steps in joining the convent. Technically I'll be known as a candidate, rather than a postulant (new terminology vs. old), but I ...

Canon 976
A Catholic blog by an inactive priest faithful to the Church offecommunity reflection and analysis from a rare viewpoint.

Christian Apologetics Society
The Christian Apologetics Society is a apologetics and polemics blog focusing on outreach to non-Catholic Christians, atheists, agnostics, and others with a misunderstanding of the true Catholic faith. ...

Fourth and Walnut
A Catholic blog

Pur Autre Vie
Musings on the law and religion

Mom Embracing Autism
Austism support, homeschooling support

Happy With Ratzinger
This blog is dedicated to The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. Topics will be, but not limited to: dissection of the Heterodox (liberal) wing of the Roman Catholic Church, defense of the Church and the ...

Catena Aurea
A presentation of St. Thomas\'s Catena Aurea snychronized with the Church\'s liturgical calendar.

Thoughts on politics, religion, current events, Catholicism, culture, poetry, et cetera from a FEMWAC (former English major with a computer)

My personal space for ruminations on Catholicism, politics, baseball, pop culture and history.

Catholic Wintertime in Milwaukee
A Catholic blogger in Milwaukee commenting on Catholic issues local and global.

Ready, Aye, Ready?
A radio journalist and Catholic mother of three gets left alone in the sub-Arctic for more than three months. Will she survive?