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Discovecommunity Catholicism the way I should have the first time around.

The Charioteer
Consider it my narrative history of ideas. A place primarily to share and obtain feedback to my thoughts through my graduate career in philosophy. For philosophy is simply "thoughts that have been thought ...

Roman Catholic wife, mom, and Secular Franciscan.

Married & Catholic
A Catholic blog about Marriage and what it means to be married and Catholic today. Attacks on marriage come from all around - this is a resource for discussion and support for those trying to lead holy, ...

Pax et bonum
A German Catholic Weblog, inspired by Franciscan thought and reason. Also includes some stuff about medicine and music.

Blog of an Italian Catholic in Rome

This Burning Fire
A new blog of someone that lives in this burning fire that is the love of God.

The Thinking Catholic
Thinking hard about the Catholic faith as related to reason and culture.

Eastward, Catholic Soldiers!
Random ramblings on Catholicism, Byzantine vs. Roman, funny stuff, humor and satire, how to solve the world's problems, and stuff that makes me go hmmmm.

The Churches
News and commentary by Jim Bowman, religion editor, Chicago Daily News, 1968-78; Jesuit, 1950-68.

Prodigal's Rest

Army Catholic
My adventures in Catholicism and faith.

causa nostrae laetitiae
A freelance writer discusses current events of interest to pro-life Catholics, with additional focus on family issues and homeschooling my special needs child.

Amy Knits Too Much
God, Family, & Yarn... Lots & Lots of Yarn

imago dei
Imago Dei

Deep Thought
The blog of a Conservative Catholic theologian, husband, father, and thinker. I discuss politics, life, current events, history, and Faith

St. Therese''s Little Way
Dedicated to St. Therese of Lisieux and her little way of spiritual childhood.

idle speculations
A Catholic blog A series of postings on subjects I like: Catholicism; history; art; Italy; and whatever grabs me at the time

Fr. Bob's Corner
Blog of a Parish Priest with Catholic news, commentary, inspiration, liturgy, homilies etc.

nunsuch - the adventures of a techie nun
Reflections on the life and ministry of a contemporary woman religious.

A Priestly Commentary
A Priestly Commentary is a blog maintained by Father V., a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston. Blog topics include theology, news and current events, battlefield news from the Culture Wars, and any thing ...

V for Victory!
"Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival." Winston Churchill, May 13, 1940

Real Life Rosary Weblog
Daily writings on the Gospel reading plus writings on faith, family and fatherhood.

The Opinionated Homeschooler
Catholicism, homeschooling, and Catholic homeschooling.

Lost Lambs
A Traditional Catholic Blog, from someone who\'s faith has just been reawakened from a dormant slumber.

Me and My Shadow
At the heart of every song, painting, or story is someone’s attempt to communicate their vision of the world. Are we listening? If the message comes across as a gush of negativity, can we respond ...

A Catholic Mommy\'s Life
A Catholic blog

True Knights Blog (Kenneth Henderson)
A Catholic blog dedicated to leading all men to take the lead in being True Knights for their families by being sacrificial, spiritual and protective leaders for their families.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Politics, apologetics, and some other things too.

Once upon a time in Opus Dei
An inside look at Opus Dei from the perspective of former members.

Gaining My Religion
This blog is to discuss my re-entry into the Catholic church and to discuss all things Catholic...including the light-hearted stuff.

Canadian Catholic Blog
The Canadian Catholic Blog is a repository for news about the Canadian Catholic Church and the Church Universal.

View From The Pews
A blog about Catholicism and other topics which affect our faith. A place to grow and be nurtured within the Catholic fold. Faithful to the Magisterium.

Lift Up Your Hearts
Personal ramblings by a Catholic unschooling mom. Text from Anne, a Lay Apostle.

Dogpatch, Ergo Sum
Jerry DePyper writes about faith, culture, life, politics, abortion, genocide, euthanasia, homosexuality, theology, philosophy, and whatever other thoughts happen to be running through his brain, with ...

The God Fearin Forum
A recent convert to Catholicism from the PCA (a conservative reformed Presbyterian denomination).

Flailing under the light
Music plugs, anecdotes, personal insights, travel photographs, illustrations, comics and some poems & doodles. :)

Dumb Ox News
Comprehensive daily news site, with commentary from a conservative and Catholic perspective.

a thorn in the pew
Militant Roman Catholic mother that blogs on life issues, liturgy, fertility, politics and papal news. Local Catholic news from the Cincinnati and Covington diocese regions.

Prisca and Aquila
This is a blog of two Catholic lay ecclesial ministers, Elise and Jared Ainsworth-Bryson, and our reflections on the Scriptures, Church and a way to keep in touch with family and friends.

Heart of a Mother
currently... meditations on the upcoming Sunday Gospel readings from the perspective of a Catholic mom to be used by Catholic moms for personal meditation or group discussion

Crossing Nineveh
Musings on the good, true, and beautiful ducommunity an insomniac's sojourn through life's cultural gauntlet with occasional, but hopefully short, round-trips to the whale's belly...from the Executive ...

Sister Allie's Schtick
This is the blog of "Sister" Allie, a quirky; Latin loving; fish on Friday; "Rome-friendly" trad and acolyte extraordinaire who is totally in love with Our Lord Jesus Christ; discerning a religious vocation ...

Child of God
A Catholic blog

Our Lady's Tears
Traditional Catholic blogsite which focuses on prayer, Catechesis and devotion to Our Lady's Sorrow and the holy souls in Purgatory.

Latin Mass Society RC Diocese of Middlesbrough
The purpose of this blog is to provide an open forum for discussion of the aims of the society; news from the wider Church and details of Masses and events of interest in the diocese. The Latin Mass Society ...

Thursday Night Gumbo
A team blog that discusses movies and books from a Catholic perspective.

The Last Brother? Not if I can help it!
Blog of a De La Mennais teaching Brother based in Liverpool.

Many Little Blessings

The Sci Fi Catholic
The Sci Fi Catholic is dedicated to the invigoration of the Christian imagination through appreciation of myth, which in today's world is best encapsulated in the form of science fiction and fantasy literature ...