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A private community for the winners of the BratCats' Keeper of the Stars Award. This award is given to those who devote their time and efforts to animal welfare/rescue/shelter, and especially to those who adopt these strays and give them a second chance at life. If you would like to join this community, you must first apply for our award.

Cats' Meow
A site dedicated to my rescued cats, their health, and interests.

This site was created by my cats to help their feline "sisters and brothers" live in harmony with the people they love.

Purr Babies Happy Habitat
Our Tuxedo kitty, Pepe, takes visitors on a tour of her happy habitat, introducing them to her friends & family, and showing them her activities.

Lilley Pad Pets
If you love animals, please visit our pad. We were all adopted from our local animal shelter.

Just Cats
Visit all the kitties pages, a memorial to a wonderful cat, Rainbow Bridge, cat quotes, cat graphics, and an advocacy page. See our awards, win our award, join WWWCW, take our cat quiz, visit with our ...

TexasPepper's Home Page
Family rated personal home page with stories and pix of my 22 cats, both present and deeply missed, my kids, Texas, vegetarian recipes, causes, memorial and much more.

Lisa's Critter Page
Meet our kitties...Nala, Simba and Baxter! Lots of pet care information and fun things too. We strongly support animal wealfare issues, spay/neuter and adopting from humane societies so every animal ...

Sir Wally
Sir Wally is proud to be a winner of the Keeper of the Stars Award and invites kitties to visit his pages and read about this white cat, his housemates, his Victorian Cat Society and other activities. ...

The Cat House
Most of us have been taken in by our Mom because we were strays and had no where else to live. Mom has given us a good home and loves us very much. Let us introduce ourselves and share in the fun we ...

The CatNippers
It is about two cats names Ned & Alex. Stop in for a visit and see what their up to.

Cats Unlimited! Home of 'The Herd'
At Cats Unlimited, you can meet my "herd" of 16 cats. There you can get first aid help, tips on how to tell if your cat has a health problem, have fun, read poetry. You're also welcome to submit your own ...

Shadow's Homepage
A site about my cats, animals rights and animal compassion..We do what we can to help educate people to treat animals better.

Oz and Voodoo's Playground
Oz and Voodoo's Playground is dedicated to the welfare of cats (and other animals) in Canada and around the world. We strongly support spay/neuter, shelter adoption and are anti-declaw. Our site offers ...

Shirley Thinks
Highly eclectic site. My thoughts on many subjects. Laughter mixed with tears. Family and friends, humor, causes, food, fun, cats and much more. {;}

Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Maine
We are a no-kill shelter specializing in cats. We rescue homeless or mistreated cats and give them medical care and a good home until the right family can be found for them.

Animals, Entertainment and More!
Dedicated to pets and wildlife, with lots to see and do for people too! :0)

TheRugCats' Rag
The RugCats are five of the most pampurred kitties in the feline world. Visit the Rag and learn more about the problems of pet overpopulation and the responsibilities of being owned by kitties.

Liz's Little Acres
Animals , pet loss , The Lassie awards & more

Mabel's Room
Mabel tells her story on how she came into our lives. The site is filled with pictures of her friends, family and of course Mabel. There are also a variety of pages informative sites to help build homepages ...

Kathy's World
My world of chosing, helping my furry companions on this earth

Cats Just Let Me Live Here
This site describes my 12 save/rescue cats and 2 save/rescue dogs through stories and pictures. There is also a link section, awards, info, and some humorous stuff.

Purrfect Pets~Marvelous Meows
Two mommy kitties,Tiger and Baby,tell the story of how they and their 6 babies became one,big,happy family.Their babies tell about their life in the family.Memorial to 3 kitties,Heidi,Patches,Lucky and ...

Virginia's Animal House
This site is about homeless cats and dogs that have been taken in and loved. There are poems, stories, pictures, graphics, and more. It displays care and love for animmals, with an emphasis on neuter ...

The BratCats
A comprehensive site for and about cats and home of The Top 50 Feline Sites List, The Keeper Of The Stars Community and The BratCats Community. We are a family-friendly site stressing animal welfare issues. ...

Animals in Distress
A sanctuary in the northwest of England, dedicated to the well being of animals