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Mis Palabras
*A Latina online journal... sometimes in Spanish, mostly in English.*

never never land
Random thoughts, angry rants, stories and poems.{;}

a photolog, a journal, lots of interesting things. it has some humour, interactivity. has a dark facade >:)

I'mErica Online/ I am...
Self-aggrandizement at its best. Site contains a multitude of journals and blogs.{;}{;}Because it's all about ME, baby!

Jynna Fair
This page is purely my homepage. It branches out from there to pages like, About me, Travel, Pictures, Family, Faeries, etc. Come see!

my daily dose of crack
It's all about the crack, man...(a journal by the Squishite formerly known as rudergirl).

A little of this, a little of that, and plenty of clucking chickens...{;}(Navigation bar located at 'Other People's Communitys 14...')

She's Got a New Spell
In which I share with you the angst, humor, and pop culture know how that is my life.

Dave's World
This is my site and the things that go on with me as well as my own opinion on the things going on around me and in the world. I just like to write and actually think I'm good at it.

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to grow up and find love. She found love, got married, and even became a mom...but she never grew up.