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Hello this is the origanal spirit of the wolf community that has been around Since 12/31/96 . We moved here from community . org . It is run by Timber Wolf .This communitys is for wolf pages by people who love wolfs . want to help protect them and bcommunity awareness about them The community is also for wolf dog pages by people who love them and want to educate people on them and protect them If you have a endangerd animals that is not about wolves or not your welcome to join

Elspethe's Enchanted Garden
I have information on wolves, AmerIndian philosophy, and wolves' place on our planet, and in nature.

Tala's Den
This is a site infroming people about wolves. You can also submit your own picture or stories to me and i can view them then put them up.This site also has a message board and you can view the picture ...

Stan and Tan Save the Wolves site
These Beautiful animals

Spirit Of The Crow
Site dedicated to the Native American Crow,wolves,poetry,communitys,links and more