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a community/clique for lovers of sport cars

Carjockey's Corner
Carjockey's Corner has a bit about my job as carjockey of a casino, plus photos of sports cars. Fitness, fishing, camping and hiking pages too.

Sports Cars

Sports cars are high performance cars that are low weight and high power. Theyíre usually two-door cars, made for only two passengers. A number of car manufacturers make their own line of sports cars that are used in races to determine their sportiness. The manufacturers of sports cars tend to focus more on aesthetics, control, and power than they do on fuel economy or comfort. Another challenge that sports car manufacturers face is fitting people into their tiny sports cars. Most sports cars that have more than two seats are 2+2s. These sports cars are called 2+2s because they have two decent sized front seats and two very small back seats that would really only fit luggage or small children. Today, people are coming up with some new ideas about how to fit more than two adults comfortably into a sports car. One suggestion is to set the driver seat in the center of the sports car with a passenger seat on either side, set slightly behind the driver seat. The problem with this sports car design is that itís awkward for the driver to get in and out of the sports car. Another suggestion is to remove the dashboard on the passenger side and move the front passenger seat forward in the sports car so that a second adult passenger seat can fit right behind it. Perhaps the best solution would be to abandon the whole idea of having more passengers in sports cars because thatís what minivans are for. It seems crazy to try to make a light, high power speed machine practical so that your whole family can go to the grocery store in sports car.

Exotic Sports Cars

Arenít all sports cars exotic sports cars? Not really. So what is it that makes a sports car exotic? There are plenty of great sports cars on the market but exotic sports are the sports cars that are in limited supply. If a sports car manufacturer only produces a few sports cars of a certain model or if you have very old sports cars that are no longer being made, they are called exotic sports cars. One of the coolest exotic sports cars right now is the viper venom 1000, rated the fastest street car in 2006, with a maximum speed of 255 miles per hour. This sports car did a standing mile in twenty-five seconds! Now thatís a fast sports car.

Super Exotic Sports Cars

If exotic sports cars arenít exotic enough for you, perhaps you should be looking for super exotic sports cars. Super exotic sports cars are like exotic sports cars, only more exotic. That is, exotic sports cars are rare sports cars, so super exotic sports cars must be very rare sports cars. Everyone would love to own a super exotic sports car if they could afford it. However, thereís a lot more to owning a super exotic sports car then meets the eye. Most sports cars are a bit temperamental and you generally run into more mechanical problem with sports cars than you would with other more reliable cars. This problem is even more serious when dealing with super exotic sports cars. Not only is it more expensive to hire a special mechanic to look at your super exotic sports car. If a part of your super exotic sports car gets damaged, youíll have a really hard time finding special replacement parts, especially if the manufacturer no longer makes that model. If you do manage to find the replacement parts for your super exotic sports car, it will likely be very expensive. Another thing to be wary of if youíre considering buying a super exotic sports car is that unless youíre a racecar driver, you may have a hard time handling your super exotic sports car because driving super exotic sports cars can be quite different to driving regular cars.

Car Pictures

Sometimes youíre better off buying some nice sports car pictures than buying super exotic sports cars because sports car pictures require no maintenance and are much cheaper than super exotic sports cars. Also, you can show off your super exotic sports car picture to your friends as you would a real sports car. Of course you canít take your friends for a ride in your sports car pictures. But if you think about it, you can only take out one friend at a time in a real sports car whereas all your friends can look at your super exotic sports car pictures at once. Also, you donít have to be on a waiting list for super exotic sports car pictures; you can print them right off the Internet any time. Real exotic sports cars however, are much harder to get your hands on because real exotic sports cars are not so easy to come by. Thatís why they call them exotic sports cars.

Fast Cars

If youíre looking for fast cars, a good place to look is the same place you go to for sports cars because sports car are fast cars. If youíre looking for fast cars but not necessarily sports cars, you may have to look elsewhere. You can find a lot of fast cars that arenít classified as sports cars for whatever reason. Some four door family cars aare fast cars and obviously couldnít be called sports cars. SO what it comes down to is how you define fast cars. Though lots of us want to own fast cars, there really isnít much opportunity for driving fast cars fast. The problem for most people with fast cars is finding a space with no traffic where they can drive their fast cars fast and not get pulled over by the cops. If you live next to an abandoned airport, this might be a good place to test-drive your fast cars.