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Homepage of the Spiritualism Community. Websites pertaining to spiritualism, mediumship, healing, and other phenomena related to spiritualism are welcome to join.

Aspects and John Fitzsimons.
Aspects and John Fitzsimons. A New Age/Spiritualist group selling books and running seminars/meetings/classes on Spiritualist, and related, topics.

Corey's God & Spirituality Homepage
Here I discuss my Journey through Spirituality, including Hinduism, Pantheism, Consciousness and other Religious and Spiritual Theologies, Beliefs and Philosophies. Included is the Gospel of Thomas, ...

Mediumship, Mediums, Spirit Readings and Healing
You can set up your own personal reading here. We all have an interest in what comes after this life. Do you know? Read through these few short pages, you may gain new insight and may decide to make contact ...

Donna Kiss, Medium
This site is dedicated to the spreading of information about Mediumship and Altered States. Information is included about Crystals & Stones and there are many fine Links.

Angel Goddess
metaphysical site

A contibution site to Our Earth, a lightworkers page, a shacommunity site, plus much, much, more.{;}I also offer Angel and Fairy Readings.

Spirit Teachings by Topic
Based on the book from the hand of Rev. Statinton Moses, spirit messages arranged by category. Topicsc include: God, man and his duties, the spirit world, mediumship, prayer, revelation, prophecy, the ...

Love Light & Healing
Thoughts and practices on spiritual healing and 2004 convention in Hobart Tasmania Australia

Hologram Of Life
This site is for those seeking healing energy and accepts healing requests. We are dedicated to the advancement of spiritualistic practices.

Divine Love Light
Professional psychic readings and spell-casting services for love, money, luck and more. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you.

Bonnie Lee's Psychic Mediumship Readings
Have Psychic readings, mediumship, clairvoyant, spiritual medium, channeling been on your mind? Seek help from your Spirit Guides, Spirit Healers, Loved Ones and Friends on the Spirit Side. Are you are ...

Dunedin Spiritualist Centre
The basic belief of Spiritualism is that we are Spiritual Beings shacommunity in the unity of the universe and that our essence survives beyond bodily death. The Dunedin Spiritualist Centre, located in ...

Spiritual Medium Laurence Harry
As a spiritual medium, Laurence re-unites the two worlds and has brought comfort and peace of mind to many thousands of people across the world, by giving evidential proof of life after death in detailed ...

Avalon On-Line Healing Sanctuary
Online Sanctuary for absent/distant Spiritual Healing, plus advice and guidance in all related matters.

Spiritual Path
A site providing a private and confidential journey into all things spiritual for the beginner.

Spiritwalker's Psychic readings & Lessons
Psychic readings, healings,personal lessons & ghost cleacommunitys done by Master Psychic reader and teacher Spiritwalker.

To Work With Spirit
This site contains my story, my thoughts and a tribute to my daughter Philippa who passed to Spirit in 1994 aged 14. She had suffered with Cancer but was brave to the end, and has contacted me since.

Angels to Zoroaster: The Teachings of the Light
Experience spiritual growth through enhanced self understanding. Philosophy, Theosophy, Teachings and Psychic Mediumship readings. Specialized services include classes, workshops and FREE intuitive information ...

Beyond The Veil
Beyond the veil is a spiritual site offecommunity many things relating to the religion of Spiritualism. Drop in to the chat rooms for spiritual chat or spiritual discussions or learn more about Spiritualism ...

The Conscious Living Homepage
Personal Website discussing Hinduism, God, Spirituality and more.

Rev. Sherry Sherry, Spiritual, Intuitive Consuelor
One of the top professional Psychic readers in the US with clients from around the world. Rev. Sherry Sherry has been giving accurate and compassionate readings for over 20 years, covecommunity topics ...

Artemis Of The Light
This site belongs to "Artemis" Janiak. She is a Channel, and a Spiritual Guidance professional. Artemis offers readings, and classes in Spiritualism. She began doing this to assist people in finding the ...

The Earth Angel Connection
My home on the web dedicated to energy healing, inspirational poetry written by self and others, abuse issues, crystal healing, power animals, readings, channelling.

Rev. Mary Hoppe
Contact your spirit guides, angels and loved ones in a telephone reading with an ordained spiritualist minister, teacher & consultant of spirit world. Mary Hoppe is a gifted clairvoyant & medium who teaches ...

Walking With Spirits
Walking With Spirits welcomes all beliefs and paths. We offer healing requests, readings , meditations,classes, friendship and support.