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Listing of blogs of people who like Spike, in BUffy the Vampire Slayer TV show. What are blogs? Blogs are personal journals were people talk about things like BTVS and other sujects but enjoy Spike. So if you have a Spike site this DOES NOT count as a Blog. You can add your personal site to the blog but any fansites, media sites or such are accepted. That is not the point of the community.

Becoming Tony Blackburn
Ramblings of a wannabe writer. {;}{;}

Perpetual Wednesday
My personal/collective site with my blog, Buffy fanfiction recommendations, La Femme Nikita wallpapers, winamps skins, and more. Take a gander. I adore Spike/Buffy!{;}

Still Standing

My Own Private Hellmouth
A look at life, love, college, Buffy, and other horrors, from my own private Hellmouth.{;}

Harry Potter / Buffy, the vampire slayer
It's a blog where I ussualy talk about Buffy, Spike, Angel and all the characters... It can have either a HP layout or a Buffy layout. I post there ussualy, two times per week. It's pretty cool! ...