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incurable hippie's musings and rants
About me? Mad, in debt, feminist, radical, angry, pacifist, warrior, flower-power chick... About Hippie blog? Ramblings, fury, giggles and musings about love, peace, friendship, happiness, the state of ...

Me Against Myself
What a fool believes/(S)He sees...

Discursions on books, movies, music, logic, design. Very little politics, very little biography.

Dichroic Reflections
Various strands of thought related to rowing, working, and other things that impact my life, from soap bubbles to overalls to the scent of the desert after rain.

The online journal, original artwork, and writing collaboration of jane plain: a very busy woman who MAKES time to rant!

Adjectives Are Your Friends
My adventures as an English major and somewhat randomly-amused girl.{;}

Brain teasers, Song of the Day, Musings of an average guy in Boston

you are a china shop, i am a bull
I am a thirty-something bi grrl from New Zealand, and this is a scrapbook of my life: thoughts, angst, reviews, quotes, and fluff.

Much ado about me
Thoughts and bits from anniebunny's life. It's for you when you also think that life's quite an absurd thing.{;}anniebunny likes liquorice, being the opposite of prissy, procrastination, books and comics ...

Solace Isle
Diary site of a twenty-two-year-old recluse. (And grammar bitch.)

soft-indigo-keening: what sort of a tiger are you?
Sometimes it's interesting. More of the time, it's merely me, and I fear (as many teenagers do, I'm told) that that's bocommunity. It is, however, up to you. Capitalization is sometimes inconsistent, ...

the danish outpost
the danish outpost has nothing to do with pastries, just the inside of my life and my head. sometimes you'll get writing projects, sometimes you'll get rants, and sometimes you'll get embarassing childhood ...

This is the blog (weblog) of the girl known as the Bacteria to some, Siamkatze to others. It may contain: bocommunity rants, unimportant drivel, opinions, swear words. If you don't like any of that, don't ...

From Tennessee to Al-Maghreb
Writing experiment for a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco

the Spiffyness
This is me; being me. I fail to see the problem in that.

kool thing v1.0
despite the fact that "kool" is misspelled in my site's title, everything else is spelled perfectly. i promise. i update my journal frequently -- multiple times daily, in fact. i don't like capital ...

Eat the Poor
Kind of like William Safire meets Grace Kelly meets RuPaul meets George Carlin....on acid.

My online journal, and welcome to it. You'll find thoughts, feelings, observations, wisdom, stupidity, cats, dogs, women, men, others, and lots, lots more. :)

Tabula Rasa
An online journal from a computer instructor in Honolulu, Hawaii. Every day begins with a clean slate.


A sporadically updated humor and outrage blog whose distinguishing feature is the Word of the Week.

A plethora of my favorite things including a blog ~ some light, some dark, but all mine.

Across a roacommunity hill
A glimpse into the irregular and often-odd thoughts and everyday happenings of Anna, a freestyle occasional poet.

Walking Through Life
Self-exploration of a thirty year-old man suffecommunity from social anxiety, APD, major depression, and suicidal thinking.

personal college blog--reserved for those occasions when i feel the need to share my excitement with the world