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Save Innocent Lives--Spay & Neuter is a community for those who support this cause and agree it is the only way to put an end to the overpopulation of animals.

*My Labrador Retriever*
welcome!!{;}this is a Dog homepage.. about Labrador Retreiver...contain details...and lots of photo... welcome for all dogs' owners and Lovers.{;}and also my Lab, Bell

Life at the Creek Cottage
Home site with pet and service animal section.

Toulouse's Homepage
I am Toulouse, a beautiful tortoise shell. You're welcome to visit me on my web site.

=^..^= Mabel's Room
{;}The story of how I came to live with my two Mom's. It is filles with pictures of my family, friends and of corse me! My page has somethings for almost everyone. Informative and fun pages about cats ...

Muffins Place
Muffins place, cute pictures so far til I figure out what else to do.

Virginia's Animal House
This site is about homeless cats and dogs that have been taken is and loved. There are also poems, stories, photos, graphics, memorials, communitys, and more. This site promotes spay or neuter, and ...

Jess' Cat Page
A comfortable website for ailurophiles. Includes cat quotes, poems, links, and insights in a warm Victorian atmosphere.

The Milkyway Crew
The twelve feline members of the Milkyway Crew introduce themselves, their tin openers and their bodyguards.

Clarissa's Corner
Rissa kitty was adopted from the Ky. Humane Society. This is her journal from kittenhood to adulthood.

Street Cat Welfare
Small local group rescuing stray, feral and unwanted cats and kittens. Homes needed. London, England, UK

Cats Unlimited! Home of 'The Herd'
We are a site who absolutely advocates spay/neuter. Meet the Herd of 15 (son to be 16) cats on the site! :-) Have some fun with silly cat definitions, captioning, and poetry. If you need info on feline ...

Belgian Lover's Palace
Visit my dogs at Belgian Luver's Place. Also join our communitys, sign our guestbook, win our awards, and more. Also visit Spencer the Terverun, Haven the Dalmatian, and Rocky the rescue Greyhound.

PL's Pets And More
This site is mostly about my cats. There are other links, but all are child-friendly.

Kizzies Kennel
Come look at kizzie growing up.{;}She is a golden retriever. add your link to the links page and have fun sending your friends some e-cards!

Doggie^4ever Ever Shining Star Of Doggie World
A Site filled with lot's of dogs stuff....

Hyozan Akitas
We had American Akitas and now have Japanese Akitas - We love both- and want to preserve both - see the differences!

HOT CARES Akita Assistance
Akita and owner assistance in the DFW Area. We have many Akitas in rescue and many more on waiting lists. Assistance to owners with problems also available.

EvaClub HomePage
My site is about pets~ My favorite dogs,favorite cats and chinchillas! Also my lovely yellow Labrador Retriever ~~BELL~~

Heart of Texas Akita Club/Dallas
Akita club for all Akita owners and fanciers in the DFW area. Akita information, rescues and info.

Cosette's Lair
The homepage of Cosette, Lestat, Madelynne, Sagittarius and Cleo. Pet contests for dogs and cats, a stray and shelter pets club, birthday parties, lots of pictures, awards and more.

Wonderful World of Animals
Here you will find stories of how my cat and dog were adopted, pet causes we believe in,{;}photos, links, awards to win and much more! {;}

Beer Bytch's Bar Home Page
Texas humor, history, poetry, pictures, art & more

Lonewolf Smooth Fox Terriers
Small kennel in Houston Texas, home raised puppies and adults available occaisionally. Group placing Smooths.

Save a Dog, Save a Cat
We are a rescue organization committed to saving the lives of dogs and cats by finding them loving homes

Kiki's Home Page
A site dedicated to my first feline, Kiki and my tabby-boy Nigel and his tortie sisfur Isis.