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Witches of the Solstice Moon is a community of people who are using their websites to share their spiritual journey!

Wiccans United
Welcome to Wiccans United, a premier website and wiccan mailist that offers learning and shacommunity for all interested in wicca and magick. This is a high volume list with lots of great shares.{;}We ...

Wise Wayz
{;}A gathecommunity place to share information and explore. Magick...Spirituality...Healing...Community!

Be Magickal!
A site from a busy Traditional Witch...for the rest of you busy witchies! Includes information on Traditional Witchcraft, plus a spell and blessing collection.{;}

Witch Numi
Eclectic Site, devoted to help those in search of learning more. Many different beliefs, myths,creatures, beasts, spells, bos, candle color symbolism, and more to come!

Magick Whispers
Whispers of a Solitary Witch shacommunity inspiration, information and the spirituality of Witchcraft... set amongst beautiful graphics and soothing music.

Yuma Pagan Network
YPN is the center of the Pagan Community for this area. Networking, scheduled events, access to the online mailing list, even an Online BOS. Come over and check us out, you won't be disappointed!

What I've learned sofar about wicca, sjamaan and fairy's.{;}Just come in and see.{;}

La Luna
Multi faceted site featucommunity free tarot readings, free rune readings, email, e-cards & more. Read pagan & alternative news and articles, post your thoughts to the forum. Learn how {;}to make dream ...

My Mystical Side
Info of all kinds, poems, spells, and facts.{;}

The Krystal Star
Everything that is dear to me. My family{;}and animals. My spiritual beliefs and commitments. No BOS because I believe everyone need to find their own way on their spiritual path. Some fae and lots of ...

aurora's bezemsteel
A Dutch site about wicca. Especially for the beginning, solitaire wicca(n). It contains spells, formula's, interesting info and most of all: everything you would like to know when you're just getting started ...

Charmed And Loving It
A site devoted to the charmed ones!!{;}

Witches Way
{;}A Magickal Haven for all Pagans.{;}Information on Tarot, Stones, Magick and more.

Cheryl's Pagan Stuff
Information I have gathered throughout my journey through the wonderful experience of living life as a pagan!!{;}

Crystal Ravenwolf's Journey of Enchantment
The journey of an eclectic witch and recovecommunity addict. BOS, Wolf & Raven pages, Recovery Section, Domestic Violence, Animal Causes and more. Come walk with me as we go through this Journey of Enchantment ...

Ravenhair's Book Of Shadows
Online Book Of Shadows that contains spell constructions, meditation techniques, candle colors, magick uses of ois and incenses, online readings, rituals{;}

Witches, Wolves and Wisdom
{;}Includes info on herb, meditations, Wheel of the year and so on.

Sicara's Mystical World
{;}This is an informative wiccan site, for anyone wishing to learn more. It also includes links to other sites, awards that you could win, and a wiccan school!

The Coven of the Wiccan Spirit
We are a newly formed Coven of 8, which follows the Wiccan Spirit Tradition.I myself have 7 years in the Wiccan Religion & Divinatory Arts. Our site has mainly information on many aspects of the Wiccan ...

Reul Iuil Brighde
Our site is the home of the Reul Iuil Brighde Circle of Flame Keepers. We are all dedicated to Goddess Brigid and we strive to revive the tradition of keeping the old flame of Kildare alive. Each member ...

Circle of Love & Graphics Gallery
This is my love group where I have made alot of graphics in my Graphics Gallery, an own webring and a mailinglist where members can share information concerning mysteries and the occult, exopolitics and ...

Neptune's Childe
Neptunes Childe has again had to move, so we are currently under reconstruction.

Marandas Witches Cauldron
Een heel uitgebreide Nederlandse site over Heksen, Wicca, en The Craft. Kom gewoon eens kijken

Dragon's Blood Coven
Contains information about the use of herbs, stones and colours in magick the site is constantly being updated in order to provide more information.

Purple Moon Garden - a blog of two witches
two women, friends for nearly 2 decades write about life, family, and Witchcraft