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Tina's Creations

Where I talk mostly about my knitting progress, with a few other crafts thrown in at times.

stricken und mehr
knitting socks and more

Irisines Stricksalon
My site about knitting, spinning, crocheting, quilting and living

Trouble with Trebles

Where do you find the time?
Mostly stuff about knitting that (craft) civilians might or might not appreciate

Inside Out
Finnish lady knitting and chatting - mostly in Finnish, but Mystery Stole 3 and Project Spectrum in English. You are welcome to see the pictures!

Purls from Trainlady

knitting , sewing , cross-stitch in french

Dknitting's Blog
This blog was started when I started my Mystery Stole 3. But, I will also discuss my other knitting, spinning projects.

Chic in Strick
Knitting and crochet in Bavaria, Germany.

Girl Is Crafty
Knitting, Crochet, and all sorts of crafty stuff!



Kids With Fiber

Did Gauss Knit?
I am a graduate student who knits and counts too much.

Fiberly One
Life in Oregon is good with DH, dogs and a considerable yarn and fabric stash

Knitting and Other Nonsense
The title of the blog explains it all! ;-}

The Bear Necessities
Knitting and the life I try to lead around it.

Yosemite's Knitting Addiction

Hapagirl Knits
A mixed plate of knitting, teaching, and life in general.

Knit & Knag
Knitting projects & thoughts from a Swedish-Canadian


Bella Knits
Just a little haven where I share my sporadic FO's

gilraen's knits
Mostly knitting.............

Job 23:10
A place to read about my triumphs and failures as a lace knitter.

My blog about mostly knitting and my doings ;)

Clods and Pebbles \
Lessons from life and crafts all smashed together.

Jersey Knitter
Greetings! from Jersey Knitter, a blog roundabout Exit 151.

Tall Gal Knits and Spins
A journal of my knitting and spinning adventures with a little bit of cat fun and quilting thrown in!

Adventures of a Stashaholic
I am a hard core Stashaholic in Toronto who was minding her own business, trying to out-knit her stash, when wham - I met a spinning wheel that followed me home! The rest is history....

Extreme Adventures in Knitting and Motherhood
black alpaca with a twist- oh--- we're on start number 4;)

Yarn Dreams

Orchid Knits
I joined MS 3 and this is where I knit, spin, and show off my nature pics

Maddie Knits

knit 'n purl

Knitting Psychos
Knit Blog & Podcast site for Knitting Psychos

What's Wannietta Knitting Today
Find out what the 2 time (and current)winner of Canada's Search for the Fastest Knitter is up to! There's always something interesting on the needles.

Knitting Divine
Mystery Stole 3 KAL and other knitting adventures.

Changing Colour Spinning Yarns
A lot of lace knitting - and other knitting, quilting and fibrearts too!

Make One
Knitting and other musings

Smarty Mags
A whole bunch of fiber on the Niagara Frontier.

Knitting stuff

A site devoted to my two loves - knitting and belly dancing (other crafts and dances too, but these primarily)

Sherri Knits
I knit, I tink, I frog...but I enjoy the journey just the same.


Hanging out in Toronto, knitting, working, crafting, and raising my dog.