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O Happy Needle!

Lifestyles of the Not So Rich & Famous
My site is mostly about knitting but also about my life in general.

Jenni P McD's Life Less Blordinary
More knitting, more fiber, more stuff.

Into the Mind of the Frod
I'm a 30-something single mom that is addicted to knitting and knitting mysteries. I've got more on the needles than I can handle but that isn't gonna stop me from casting on again.... and again...

Three Fates Fibers
This is my blog for my fiber-related hobbies, primarily knitting and spinning.

canyero chronicles
A graduate student and editorial assistant who knits when she probably should be writing.

Talullahs World
The insane ramblings of a woman driven mad who prefers creating and playing to housework.

Night Owl Knits
Night Owl Knits

Snail Spirals
My needlework and other fibery pursuits, and life in general.

The Local Needle
Join the fun and watch the progress of the Mystery Stole 3 project. Or view our in-coming laceweight yarns, perfect for this project.


Flinke Nadel - Stricktagebuch
A German blog on knitting and my life - Mystery Stole posts will be bilingual english/german.

Things Soo Likes

Memoirs of a Stash Junkie
My life under a pile of yarn

The Lair of the Bookwyrm

Tabitha Knits
Miscellaneous and random thoughts on my obsession with yarn, needles and all things knitterly.

KnitSmith, WordPurl
English teacher, knitter, and mom of two, I make my home in the Pacific Northwest. Here's where I write my musings on fiber, books, and life.

Lace and Socks
Blogging about my knitting

Amything Can Happen
When it comes to my knitting "amy"thing can and usually does happen!

Personal knitting blog

Two sisters. Two cities. One Dog. Two cats. And Lots and lots of yarn.

The Knitbert Principle
Stuff I feel like writing about, knitting projects and Mr Knitbert's adventures

Knitting and other adventures.

Lab Cat
I initially started this blog to stay in touch with family and friends as they are all over the world. Now I have kept it for a few months, I mostly post about food science and some of the interesting ...

knitting, spinning, dog, life