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A community for all those who love the character Severus Snape (portrayed by the wonderful Alan Rickman in the HP movies) from the Harry Potter books and movies and think he's sexy.

graphics (collected and created, some HTML/CSS help, fanlistings (joined and owned), dolls

The Harry Potter fanworks of Wolfen Moondaughter.

Personal/blog of a perverted teenage mind. XP

sarah loves severus
a personal blog-type site with random snape musings and links to fun snape stuff.

Cellophane Flowers
Personal blog for a Harry Potter obsessed webmum.

My Alan Rickman Fan Page
A page all about the character behind Prof. Snape, Alan Rickman. He's the greatest!!

Gothic Chicken
my xanga blog site that's ever so pretty!!

Rayne Drops
The thoughts, rants, raves and general musings of Rayne, a mother and lover of all things Alan Rickman.

Mae Noelle
A site with our own personal fanfiction, fan art, adoptable sprites and a section full of plots for fanfiction for the starving writers out there who love to write but can't think up any themselves.

My personal site and collective.

Bibliophile : A Reader's Blog
A blog with book reviews, musings and fangirling.

My main site, all the miss. stuff that dosn't have a home on my poetry site, my BtVS/Angel site, or my BtVS/Angel quiz site, or my BtVS/Angel image gallery (with links to all of the above)

The Slytherin Lounge
A site dedicated to Slytherin House, in particular, Slytherins of the older generations, especially Professor Snape. Fanfiction and fanart, as well as wallpapers, Ask-a-Professor, and more.

Severus Snape
I love Snape!!!!!

Absolutely Snape
A place for the members of the Absolutely Snape E-group to post their stories.

I'll take a chance and steal away this movie moment
Very girly blog/journal.

Innocent Eyes
A collective where I list all fan/name/physical listings I own and those I have joined as well.

The Symposium
The blog of a bookworm. Updated frequently, this blog strives to give honest and quality reviews of the latest novels out there. Is a book you'd like to read not reviewed yet? Suggest it!

Sectumsempra is a haven for writers and graphics artists to better their craft and discuss the Harry Potter World, primarily centered around and on the Potions Master.