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A community for the good BtVS sites online. Do you have what it takes?

Buffy and Xander, Joy and Sorrow
This is a site for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction. The stories here concentrate on romantic relationships between Buffy and Xander. The fanfics on the site are split into two different themes: 'Joy' ...

The Watchers Council
An enclyclopaedic website for all your Buffy needs

Vamps N Slayers Fanfic Archive
This is a fanfiction archive for BtVS and Angel. All ratings/paicommunitys accepted. Affiliated with the Vamps N Slayers group at yahoogroups. (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vamps_N_slayersfanfic)

Morbid Desires
A site devoted to Buffy/Spike fanfiction. Other relationships here aswell - but I won't tolerate any B/A or B/R - expect Riley and Angel bashing. If this appeals sit back and enjoy the ride. Fiction ...