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This is a community dedicated to ANYTHING Scottish...if YOU are Scottish (obviously!!); if you're seeing someone Scottish; if you know someone Scottish; even if you own a Scottish Terrier, you can join this community. Just know, have, or be, something Scottish, and you're destined to be a member of this community!! We were a 100+ member community at another Community host!! We moved, & are sooo much happier!! Join us for a GREAT Community experience, & plenty of increased traffic hits to your site!!{;}{;}

Church of Holy Henry McLeish
A satirical site "worshipping" Scotland's First Minister

Thyme in the Garden
My site is primarily gardening, but there are also great family & pet pages. I'm engaged to the Community Master of this Community!! (he's the Scottish part!!) Hope you enjoy my site!!

KaterTater's Homepage
I have tons of pictures of roses for the taking set up along 3 pages, a music page, 2 Beautiful Pictures pages, pictures of me, some poetry, and links to my favorite sites.

The Scotland Corner
Come take a scenic picture tour through Scotland with lots of castles and landscapes. Also inspirational poems and greeting cards.

Abe World
Welcome to my Community!! Hope you find something interesting in our sites!! Slainte!!

Scotland Vacation Trip
Meet myself, my two Westies--Diarmid MacThomson Mor and Alexander MacTavish Mor and my two kitties Michael & Padraig. Learn about our lives and interests, my trip to Scotland, and much much more.

Ken's Pad
Family safe. Clans, MacBean. History of clans; Famous castles, pics and, links of North Vancouver and, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Useful things for web pages; links to free webspace and, many useful services ...

Wool Is Wonderful
Elisabeth's musings on spinning, knitting, kids & everything in between. She also happens to be the favorite niece of Scottish Punk band Real Mckenzies frontman, Paul Mckenzie.