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Whether it's skateboarding or snowboarding that you're into; boarding of all kinds has a great history that you may not know about. Find out all you ever wanted to know and a lot more in this community that's all about boarding.
We've got all sorts of Skateboarding and Snowboarding information. Learn about Trick riding and more. You can also find Skateboards and Snowboard products like Shoes, Videos, DVD’s. Get great Trick tips and even learn How to build ramps. We're also your best source for Burton Snowboard stuff too.

Skateboarding and Snowboarding
Skateboarding and Snowboarding information. Trick riding and more. Skateboards and Snowboard products. Shoes, Videos, DVD’s. Trick tips. How to build ramps. Burton Snowboard.

Skateboarding and Snowboarding and More
Improve your boarding thanks to Skateboarding and Snowboarding information, Trick riding and more. You can find Skateboards and Snowboard products like Shoes, Videos, DVDs and even Trick tips right he ...

Skateboarding and Snowboarding: A Lil' History

Skateboarding and snowboarding would appear to be the 'latest thing' but the reality is that both have actually been around for awhile -- long before any of the cool boarding shops and Avril Lavigne!
More than just droopy shorts and falling down; skateboarding has been around since the mid fifties and comes from California where it was invented and developed. No one truly knows the exact name of the first person to invent that skate board as there are many theories to how they cam into being. Some people believe that they originated from an adaptation of the famous soap box racers of the thirties and forties but it is also believed that the idea was evolved and created by surf boarders who wanted to emulate the feeling of surfing on dry land. These are just two of the proposed ways that the skate board came into existence the only real known fact that is recorded is that they were first mass produced and sold by Bill and Mark Richard in their store Val Surf Shops in nineteen fifty eight. Within a few years the popularity of the skate board led them to be sold nationally and within a few more years inter nationally.

The modern skate boards can be made from bamboo, fiberglass, laminated maple, carbon fiber, aluminum and even plastic. They are sized between seven to 10 inches wide by twenty eight to thirty three inches long and this part of the skate board is known as the deck. There are two trucks attached to the underside of the deck that connect the wheels to the skate board making it complete. The truck is made up of a base plate, hanger, axel, bushings, rubbers or grommets and a king pin. All of these parts work together to give the rider a form of suspension when they are skating.

Snowboarding is another extreme sport just like skate boarding and is classed by some as the skate board without wheels on snow. The snowboard as we know it today started out life a little like the skateboard no one is sure how or who made and created them first. They are more of a development and then an evolvement of that idea and so on and so forth till we have arrived at our modern day idea of what a snowboard looks like. Snowboarding first became popular in the seventies and eighties. The first ever competitive snowboard race took place in nineteen seventy nine and a new sport was born. Snowboarding events followed year after year and the manufacturer employed top notch designers to make sure that their snowboards were faster, lighter and leaner than anyone else’s on the slopes. The competition between the companies is very fierce although over the last few years the competition has grinded to an almost holt while we wait for the next innovation to take place and the battle to start all over again. There are many different styles and moves in snowboarding; Free Ride, Dry Slope, Freestyle, Free Carve, Big Air, Half pipe, Boardercross, Indycross, Rail Jam and Racing.

There are many well known events and competitions for snow boarders that include; X Games, Ticket to Ride, Air and Style and Shakedown if you’re looking to get in on the action without actually participating!