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Do you have more yarn than you can knit in your lifetime? You have attained SABLE status. Our community lets you visit the blogs of others who share the same tendency to buy too much yarn

yarns and threads
An internet record of my craft activities - knitting, embroidery, crochet and whatever I manage to finish. I am hoping it will inspire me to finish some of my numerous works in progress

Great Towecommunity Textiles

Rose Red
A knitting tragic with more wool than time, plus crochet and of course, great shoes.

Knitting blog, with free patterns and lots of pics of my kids.

Amy's Babies
Handmade dolls and handspun yarn

Crash Test Dummies
A knitter's blog documenting knitting, the buying of yarn, gardening, reading and the tortucommunity of cats (with knitting). Food available. BYOB.

Marie Grace...Yarn Slayer
Journeys of a homeschooling mom of 4 through fiber and family.

SABLE might be stretching it at this point, but I'm doing my best to reach it.

pretty by design
i haven't been knitting long but i have built up an admirable stash. i am on a yarn diet and i'm trying to work my way through the stash, but boy is it hard work!

Stash Amassed Beyond Life Expectancy
Knitting and my life with way too much yarn

Zibibbo is Good
Zib, at it again.

The experiences of a graduate student, knitter, librarian and stay at home mom in the Bay Area.

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
After I flashed my stash I realized I either needed professional help or The Sisterhood. This is a lot more fun!

Velma's World
Musings on life in the World o' Velma, behind the Redwood Curtain, land of wonderousness. Blogging on topics such as: Arcata, Humboldt, knitting, spinning, disc golf, reading, sarcasm, and yes, bacon.

Black Dog Knits
A knitting blog from Sydney, Australia with free knitting patterns.

Erica's Blog

Through the Loops!

A mostly knitting chronicle

Knitting Spinning and Dyeing in Northern California

Purlewe Knits
Knitting and spinning on the outskirts.


The Purly Gates
Knitting, baking and other crafty endeavors...from San Francisco, CA!

Just my little blog where I regularly (well I almost regularly) journal my ups and downs with knitting, nursing and life overall!

Knit and Run
Mostly about the knitting, but sometimes a little bit of life gets in there.

if we shadows
knitting, spinning, dogs, life, love, whatever else pops into my head and out my fingertips onto the keyboard