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The Sisterhood of Mutants is a collection of women run websites that take you on a thrilling tour through the world of the X-men. Sites may feature fan fiction, art, character bios, and touch on all other related fan projects. We're the best at what we do!

Offspcommunitys and Other Natural Disasters
David Haller returns to his father. But are Charles Xavier and the X-Men ready for David's new best friend, Jessie?

Wildcat's Homepage
Personal homepage with both X-Men fanfiction and fanart.

X-Men World: Westchester, New York
A place for lovers of X-Men, especially the movie. Has fanfiction, pictures, mutant information, and more. Submissions are always welcome, begged for and accepted.

The Phoenix Force
Come take a tour of the x-mansion with Jean and Rogue as your hostesses. Includes pics, links, info and more!{;}(p.s. currently under construction)

Proudstar Hall
Generation X fansite with bios, news, fanfic, gallery and more.

Zerelda X Marvel Fan Fiction
Fanfiction dedicated to Wolverine and Charlotte Ashcroft. The 'Ker' home of The KerZan Universe, featucommunity 'If this is your idea of a date...' starcommunity Wolverine and Cable. Also home to a small ...

Logan's Den
A site with info on Hugh Jackman and Marvel Comics' Wolverine/Logan. With news, links, pictures, fan fiction, bios, polls, trivia, sound/video clips, and more.

Shadow Pryde
A coooooooooooooooooooool site for Kitty Fans with pix and Stuff