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The Realm of JadedSilverMist
Just my little corner of the world. I'm 19 yrs. old, and have been through enough to make me feel like I'm 90. Anyway, this is just my story, as well as a bunch of other things, fun and serious. Come on ...

Temple Of Love
It's about the importance of LOVE. Not only for ourselves, on the contrary; love for all living creatures. Missing children, child abuse, poetry, & much, much more !{;}

Forever Angels
Pregnancy and Infant loss site created in the memory of my two sons.

Cally's Web Page
On my site you will find a little of everything. Pics, Sci-Fi, fantasy and a lot of Charlie Chaplin.{;}

Majic and Mystics
Random fiction by me, and other random stuff

Meet Organist925
{;}Here you will find support and information{;}for people dealing with Crohn's Disease{;}as well as a bunch of other miscellaneous pages{;}full of family stuff and internet groups{;}I belong to!

Debi' s Playground
Debi's Playground is my little corner of the internet! I provide a listing of all kinds of freebie sampples that you can find all over the net. I have a romance section, a gardening section and even links ...

The Greek Goddess
A personal site featucommunity Greece, pet dedication pages, awards I offer, elegant greeting cards for all occasions, dedication pages to on-line groups, poetry pages, my neopets, free-for-all links, ...