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A community for any and all things sinister.

frogs ink house
tattoo,piercing,horror & music collectibles,t-shirts,pipes,papers,swords,knifes,action figures,fiend club

Carnivalia offers an ecclectic blend of dark products, from dolls, to witchboards, hats and ritual tools.

HauntedLives Paranormal
HauntedLives Paranormal is dedicated to all things unique and paranormal. With a special emphesis on ghosts, hauntings, horror movies, horror books, and anything that goes BUMP, in the night... HauntedLives ...

Satanic Mechanisms
Ambience,Noise,Darkness,Filth...{;}A band dedicated to the horror of being human.

Macabre Toknight
Macabre Toknight: Macabre/Horror author Sterling Knight's official website.{;}Check out the ebook!{;}Check out the shorts!{;}Check out the links!{;}Check out the free newsletter!

Necro Publications/Bedlam Press
Necro publications is one of the original "real" hardcore horror publishers. It started back in 1993 with the magazine 'Into The Darkness'. Now is known for publishing award winning limited edition books ...

The Chancery House
An award-winning virtual Haunted Inn with four floors of rooms and extensive grounds to navigate. Links to odd and creepy corners of the web, horror writers. Dark Fiction. TarotScope. Oracles. Seance. ...

Fright Factory Productions
Haunted production company that build haunted attractions, makes and sells props, does low cost web design, advertising and promoting, and more.

The Dark Art of Roberto Segate
The dark, powerful and disturbing erotic gothic horror and fetish art of Roberto Segate. Photoshop DVD tutorials, limited edition dark art prints, grunge texture disks

virtual haunted house, and halloween related stuff.

John Russell, Novelist - The Wishing Doll, a horror novel by John Russell
"John Russell writes gripping, scary horror novels."

Rob Macabre's Gallery of the Grotesque
Horror writing from Rob Macabre.

Harvest House
Tour of The Pumpkin Carvers Boneyard , Virtual tour flash animation of harvest House Funeral Home,original gifs,fiction & links.

The Darkest Soul
Creative dark gothic vampire site

After visiting Deb's Place........
Move into the guesthouse and create your own blog, easily share your photos, videos and opinions.Join a group or create your own. Meet new people and friends. Participate in a discussion or in the chatroom. ...

A blog for those that love horror movies!

Elsewear - the punk gothic superstore
Punk gothic alternative superstore. UK based, ship internationally.

Join the Dark Revelations community and share in a wide variety of Alternative Topics: the Paranormal, Ghost Hunting, UFO, Alien, Conspiracy Theories, World Mysteries, Urban Exploration
Dark Revelations community share's in a wide variety of Alternative Topics:Paranormal, Ghost Hunting, UFO, Alien, Conspiracy Theories, World Mysteries, Urban Exploration– quite frankly just about anything ...

Boiler Room Creations
We sell Replica Freddy krueger Gloves!

QuatreCon Film Festival and Convention
QuatreCon is a fan based annual film festival and convention encompassing all aspects of science fiction, horror, supernatural, and paranormal in popular media focusing on writters, producers, artists, ...