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This community links sites that are all about online reality game shows. Whether it be created through stories, movie clips, forums, video games, whatever. If you play the game online and it is reality-based. This is the community for you!

Survivor Mawali
Sixteen castaways, stranded in the African nation of Malawi - a country struggling with rampant disease, population growth, and increasing corruption - where they will partake in what could prove to be ...

Big Brother Season 3
Its just about abunch of people living in a house, where one by one they get evicted. The last person standing is crowned Big Brother

The Lottery
Do you have the luck of the devil? Are you rather charismatic? Do you like surprises? Can you win? Play The Lottery and prove it.

Unexpected Apprentice
The producers of the Online Reality Game hit Big Brother Unexpected have started something new. Unexpected Apprentice. Josh, host of the upcoming BBUNX6, is looking for 2 hosts for his HouseCalls program. ...

14 Sims will find themselves in the BB House for a record breaking 13 weeks. This twisted and heavily plotted show will pitch the housemates against each other and a public vote will decide their fates ...

Internet Big Brother: The Battle
So, you know how to play Big Brother right? You've been in a few games and know what strategy works and what doesn't, right? WRONG! This game will challenge you mentally and keep you asking...whats next?!? ...

The Apprentice: Sims 2
The Apprentice: Sims 2. Currently looking for applications. See the general board for more info.

Super Reality Games Online
A great place for reality gamers to play and even create their own games. The site has lots of fun games with many different twists. Come by and check it out. Play Reality Games like Big Brother, Survivor, ...

Scent of the Mole
This is a new, 12-person Mole game that I'm looking to get up and running as soon as possible!

reality freak

Reality Gaming Online
RGO is a site dedicated to running online adaptations of various reality shows. Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, The Mole, and original games such as Chainlink and Last Gamer Standing are registecommunity ...

New Mafia game: Spies 6: The Union
Play in this stellar mafia / werewolves series today. Over 250 people have had an awesome time playing these games. Complete with videos, images, unique twists, and clever roles.