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A community for Responsible Miniature Pinscher breeding, showing and ownership. Websites which educate the public on proper MinPin breeding, ownership and general care. Membership is open to legitimate breeders/avid dog show exhibitors who validate their breeding programs and reputation in ACTIVE CONFORMATION COMPETITION. Breeders who are dedicated to protect & improve the Min Pin by such things as health testing (DNA OFA & CERF reg); breeding for correct body type and movement according to the official standard; breeding for a sound healthy body & mind; issue written guarantees; stand behind and rescue all offspcommunity they produce. Puppies/dogs bred for perfection, NOT profit.

Tri-Ryche Miniature Pinschers - Champion Show Dogs
Members of the Miniature Pinscher Club of America, MPCA. OVER 100 PICTURES. BiSA & BiSS winner champions. Dedicated to health testing (DNA OFA & CERF reg'd) showing and breeding Min Pins. We breed for ...

Les Pinschers nains de la Maison de Baumanière
Breeding quality minpins in France

Miniature Pinschers of Littlefeat
"Winners Every Day" Exhibitor,handler,breeder,Dog Groomer and Obedience Instructor, who enjoys obedience,conformation,agility,flyball,Couch Potato 101.Puppies occasionally available from Champion Health ...

Anrich Reg'd
Champions of the Heart and Home.

Desara Kennels
A place to preview our Miniature Pinschers and Borzoi

Best In Show Miniature Pinschers & our Fox Terriers
Our Miniature Pinschers & Fox Terriers (Smooth)

Bim-Bom-Bam MinPin
Top Quality miniature pinscher for show and companions. All about our kennel, our dogs, spanish legislation, show schedules, the breed, cares, with lots of pictures and links.

Crespin Miniature Pinschers Canada
I am a breeder of Miniature Pinschers under the Crespin kennel name. I am also a breeder owner handler, and show my dogs throughout Ontario. I have been in the dog world all my life, but bought my ...