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The purpose of this community is to link together shoujo manga artists who either produce online manga or have a website dedicated to their printed work. Shounen ai and yaoi sites are also welcome, as well as shoujo doujinshi sites.

Adventures of Benji and Jojo
Two best friends who live together get into the weirdest and most random situations known to mankind. May contain harmful content, like rabid Johnny Depp fangirls.

Shoujo Manga Artist community Site
The homepage of the Shoujo Manga Artist Community!

Shoujo and shonen-ai inspired comics

The Vortex
My(Taru) and my good friend Neko's site to post our art and written work. I also have a online manga up called "Love Love Trivia".

Cross Purposes
They call themseveles half-breeds, or halfies for short. Half-human, half-demon. Most walk among us like normal people... Kaeli is a human girl and, just like the rest of us, she is unaware of the other ...

Online Comic : The death of wonder
A girl gets herself in trouble when she is found by a boy who tells her of a destiny which she doesn't want to be a part of and gives her a necklace...that, as per usual in manga, has special powers. ...