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The TAFL listed fanlisting for Nami from One Piece.

Like a Shadow
The TFL listed fanlisting for Annah from the game Planescape: Torment.

The Official fanlisting for Marie Brennan, author of Doppelganger.

The Summoner's Daughter
A fanlisting and shrine for Yuna of Final Fantasy X.

The TFL.org approved fanlisting for Lenneth, webmistress of Herself-the-Elf.net.

The Anime Fanlistings Network approved fanlisting for Suomi Kyoko/Time Stranger, from the Time Stranger Kyoko series by Tanemura Arina.

Can You See?
The TFL.org approved fanlisting for Agatha from the film Minority Report.

The TFL.org approved fanlisting for Jennifer 'Jen' Tate from the PS2 game Primal.

Diane Arbus
Approved fanlisting for the famous American photographer Diane Arbus.

Dylan Fanlisting
The Offical Fanlisting for the Charlie's Angels character Dylan Sanders

A shrine dedicated to Raine Sage of Tales of Symphonia.

TFL.org approved fanlisting for Rikku from the Final Fantasy X 10 video game.

goddess bless
Based upon the quartet Protector of the Small by Tamora Pierce. Keladry of Mindelan becomes the first female knight in over a century.

Females Are Strong Too
Another web clique dedicated to the strength of female characters in anime & manga, cartoons, comics, shows, etc...

Beautiful Voice: Hisakawa Aya Fanlisting
Beautiful Voice is a fanlisting for the Japanese voice actress, seiyuu, and singer, Hisakawa Aya.

Lost and Found
The TAFL listed fanlisting for Elie from Groove Adventure Rave.

A fansite for Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon/Serenity, from the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon anime, manga, musical and live-action series. Usagi lovers, unite!

The fanlisting for Mia, from the GBA game Golden Sun.

Blue Eyes
For Blue of the anime/manga Wolf's Rain.

Girl Power
For the shoujo character Sumiyoshi Nobara of Crimson Hero.

Not On My Own: A Suzuhara Misaki Shrine
An in-depth look at Angelic Layer's Miracle Rookie.

Moon Eternal: A Tsukino Usagi Shrine
An in-depth look at Tsukino Usagi, one of the most beloved (fictional) heroines of all time.

Fireball: A Princess Kakyuu Fanlisting
Kakyuu's appearance in the series may have been brief, but she played an important role. Plus she's awesome ^^

A shrine to Hikari of Pocket Monsters

Dangerous Curves
The TAFL approved fanlisting for Mine Fujiko, Lupin III's femme fatale.

Disconnected Child
Fanlisting for Samejima Mamimi of Furi Kuri.

Demon Princess
The TAFL approved fanlisting for Lady Kayura, the only female warrior from the anime series Yoroiden Samurai Troopers.

Fiery - The Lily Potter fanlisting
Fanlisting for the Harry Potter character, Lily Potter. She's a remarkably strong and brave witch who sacrificed her life for her son.

For Sakurazuka Setsuka, the mother of Seishirou of CLAMP's X/1999 series/

A dedication to the fourth love angel from Wedding Peach; Angel Salvia.

Brand New Day
TFL.org approved fanlisting for the television series Cleopatra 2525

Wild Heart
The TFL-approved fanlisting for Ayla of the classic RPG, Chrono Trigger.

Witchy Woman
The TFL-approved fanlisting for Jessica from Dragon Quest VIII.

To Be Strong
fanlisting and small fanshrine for Sai Jounouchi of Angelic Layer (Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer).

A small tribute to Trish of the Devil May Cry series. It's still small, right now, but I'm always looking to expand. It's about time she got something.

Frequently updated fansite for actor and feminist Geena Davis, with a news section, a HQ photo gallery, a message board and the TFL-approved fanlisting.

Just Sweet
the fanlisting of the actress Eva Huang Shengyi

A shrine to Arisawa Tatsuki from the manga/anime "Bleach".

Totally Virginia: The Virginia Madsen Fanlisting
TFL-approved fanlisting for the actress Virginia Madsen.

Fanlisting and Fanshrine for Scheris Adjani of s-CRY-ed.

Angelic Requiem
A fanlisting for Miranda in the Playstation game, "The Legend of Dragoon".

Perching on the Clouds
A fan site/listing to Miura Haru of the manga and anime series, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

past the mission
a shrine to natsume maya of tenjho tenge

A fanlisting to Lal Mirch of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn series!

Ciel's Home Website
Ciel's home website, links to forums and other sites belonging to ciel are on the site, fan site dedicated to ciel from megaman zero and all those who loved her, especially those who cosplay her physically ...

Nakama Yukie fanlisting
fanlisting about Yukie Nakama, a japanese actress who playing some interesting role like Gokusen, Trick and Shinobi.

Happiest Sinner
Fanlisting for Mudou Sara of the manga/anime Tenshi Kinryouku (Angel Sanctuary) by Yuki Kaori.

Healthy Interest
Fanlisting and fanshrine for Yadomaru Lisa of the anime and manga series Bleach by Tite Kubo.

Simply Beautiful: An Angel Locsin fanlisting
A fanlisting for Angel Locsin, a beautiful and talented Filipina actress in the Philippines.

Soft Power
A small shrine (and approved fanlisting) dedicated to the enigmatic undertaker from Gonzo's "Red Garden" series, Lula.