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Are you a fan of the incredible artwork of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law? Her artwork has been used in books, card games and can be found all of the Net. Stephanie is one of the increasingly few artists that allows people to use her art on their websites, as long as credit and a link is provide. I think this is another reason she is so well loved! This community is for all of those that love her art, and want others to love it too! You don't have to have any of Stephanie's art featured on your site, but as long as you have a love for her exquisite art, then you are welcome to join the community!

The Mystical Gardens
Follow the footprints of the fae and visit the many realms within The mystical Gardens. Where fantasy begins...

Fae Alven Nixie Sprite
The is the Fae page I have made for Wosib.

Misty Wood
Misty Wood it's the home of a fae. Come dear traveller, have a walk under the shadowy trees... until you find the core of magic.

The Tapestry
The Tapestry is dedicated to Fantasy Weavings of Literature & Art.{;}

Mystic Passages
A Poetic View of Lifes Infinite Passages{;}

Crimson's Court
{;}A personal website, highlighting some of my interests such as; music, ghosts, genealogy, heraldry, movies, blinkies, and some of my favorite links.

Raven Queen's Domain
A site with a plethora of information on everything from the Renaissance and Middle ages, to mythology, and Classic and modern literature, art. Do pop by.

Lothlorien Castle
A Family Friendly Fantasy Castle, Come Take A Journey Through My Mystical Realm...{;}

{;}Homepages of a fairy freak. Lots of fantasy art,graphics and links.

~*~ By Angel Smile Net ~*~
~*~By Angel Smile Net~*~ - is the inspicommunity site for people of different ages and cultures. {;}This is the starting point for several web realms created by me. {;}My Designs features my linkware and ...

Welcome to a world of darkness and light, of honor and deception, of magic and lore ... where thieves plot in shadow, gypsies dance in firelight, rangers vow justice, fae shimmer with mischief, and missionaries ...

{;}Explore kids stories and games, pets, dedications, poetry, music, graphics, communitys, award program and much more.

Spiritual Majic
Spiritual information,web links and communitys,web competitions and fun tos hare.

Leonie's Dream Hut
A personal website of my passions, my obsessions. Find lovely creative writings and much much more. A great place to spend an hour.

Ravyn's Fantasy Realm
A realm dedicated to everything fantasy, using the artwork of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Dragons, faeries, unicorns and more creatures. Stories, poems, and galleries to wander through.

The Enchanted Lair
Welcome to The Enchanted Lair. This site has many things to offer such as graphics, adoptions, awards and more. It will also have family stuff, dedications, tributes, and more on it. So, come on in and ...

Jess116's Fairy and Fantasy art and ACEO's
My name is Jess and I love to create art with fairies and other lovely themes incorporated into it. The main format I like to use is a small canvas (business card size!) and this is a popular format for ...