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This is a community for all BtVS /AtS related sites including Fanfiction sites of an adult nature.

RedMagic's Place
BTVS Fanfiction Site concentrating on the the character paired with Angel, Buffy, Cordelia, Faith and Xander

Season X
'So, did you hear? No? Well, you must be the only one who hasn't. She's here. The Slayer is in LA, and she's working for Angel Investigations, I mean, come on? How's a demon like me to make a living, huh? ...

Never The Twain?
The home of a fanfic series in which gentle Tara is a vampire, but still falls in love with Willow. Other vampire-oriented fanfic is archived here as well, dealing with VampWillow, VampFaith, VampBuffy, ...

Clarity includes Winamp skins, a gallery, original wallpapers, and links, and it features three fanfiction subsites highlighting B/S, S/X, A/Wes, and Faith/any.

The Storm
An archive of BtVS fanfiction by Acid Raine. The main paicommunity is Spike/Xander but there are a couple of others.

Call of the Dark
A little den for BtVS/AtS fanfic. Any paicommunity and rating.

A Vampire & his Queen
This site is dedicated to the relationship between Angel(us) and Cordelia. It has fanfiction, photos, quotes, and more.

A site centered around the wonderful world that is the Babyverse, an AU orginally based on a Mary Sue. Character bios, galleries, fanart and fanfiction

Blood and Beers
The Buffy/Angelverse pubsite with more drunken fanfiction than you can shake a stick at. Anything goes so long as they're boozin'. Bar's open dusk 'til dawn. Bottoms up!

Moon Madness
Laure Alexander's BtVS/AtS personal fanfiction site. Just about every paicommunity, rating and genre imaginable. Navigate using the links at the bottom of every page.

A personal fanfic archive for Midnight Faith

The Magick Awards
An awards site for Buffy and Angel sites. Whichever catagory your site falls into, you can enter!

Dancer in the Dark
A small fan fiction site dedicated to Tara and Willow.

Spikeaholics Not So Anonymous
The home of the Spikeaholics, addicted fiends who aren't afraid to be proud! We offer counseling, therapy, and much more to those affliced with Spikeaholism. Come share your addiction with us. :)

Destiny's Price
A BTVS/ATS/ and Smallville archive. Includes NC17 fanfic and slash.

The Blond Gods
The one and only Spike/Glory site. ;)

Eternally Yours...
Site based on the relationship between Spike and Xander. (If Joss won't do it, we will!) Fanfictions galore, fanart as well as photos, betas, story submissions and much more can be found here.

A collection of personal fan fiction based in the Buffyverse

Supernatural Blondes
Archive for all fanfiction by houses, mostly crossover and multi fandom, but contains AtS & BtVS works.

Secrets & Sins
A personal site for fiction, writings, and artwork by myself. Wide range of fandom works including BtVS/AtS.

Shadows & Dust Awards
An award site for BtVS/AtS Fanfiction. Sister site of Shadows & Dust

Subtle Salvation
A page featucommunity LadyCat's fiction. Almost all stories are NC-17, m/m slash, mostly featucommunity Spike and Xander.

Buffy Fiction Archive
An all-inclusive automated archive for BtVS and A:tS fan fiction.

Ever Faithful Englishman
BtVS Writer's Guild zone for Wesley/Faith shippers. Come and find essays, beta readers, challenges, not to mention all of the wonderful fanfiction about Wesley and Faith with the largest archive for the ...

The Bunny Warren
A fanfic archive that houses both my fics (as Venus Blue) and other fics that I've enjoyed over time.