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The Scifi-Crossover-Community consists of sites which host crossover fanfiction. {;}Each site must contain at least one crossover story, and at least one of the works the story is based upon must fall in the SciFi/Horror/Fantasy/Mystery category.{;}I created this community to help crossover fans like myself finding the kind of story they love.

The site boasts a number of features, including an account of media crossovers AND the Unified Field Crossover History of the Universe, a tongue-in-cheek timeline that crosses over SF/fantasy/history/mythology/et ...

Liz' Fiction page
Featucommunity the Elaine Saga, a different view of the Highlander and Forever Knight Universes.

But Then, Things Got Complicated
Take an assortment of characters from multiple fandoms. Put them in a central location. Add accidents, coincidences, laws of narrative comedy, and Plot Devices, Inc.. Mix well. Watch things get co ...

The Great Bill Saga
A crossover parody of several comics tv and movies Bill is the One!!

Tales from the Script
KaraB's page with her complete collection of Fan Fiction on it. Includes: Alias, Andromeda, Bones, Crossovers, EFC, Fantastic Four, Firefly, Harry Potter, Heroes, House, JAG, LFN, Law and Order SVU, Lord ...

Media fiction suitable for all ages with an emphasis on crossovers.