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A community dedicated to Sesshoumaru from the anime and manga, Inuyasha. For all sites related to him whether it be shrines, fanfictions, fanart, or general sites.

Emerald Toxin
This is a small site deticated to one of my favorite anime bishounen.

Info, pics, music, and lots more to come^^

Sesshoumaru: The Killing Perfection
A Sesshoumaru shrine and home to the Sesshoumaru-gumi clique. Includes various info, fanfictions, parody, gallery, goodies/extras, links, an active message board, etc.

The Sesshoumaru-gumi
Do you like Sesshoumaru, Rin, or Jaken from the anime/manga, Inuyasha? If you do, come and join the Sesshoumaru-gumi! Wear the badge with a community of fans.~

The Wonderfull World of Sesshoumaru-sama!
Messige board that is just starting up. Needs more members. There is an area just for Sesshoumaru and more secions for other anime,video games and more.{;}

Inu-Youkai v2.0
A fan Site to Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru. Has practially everything. :-)

Blue Moon
This is a fanbased web site all about the great and the wonderful Sesshoumaru! Planning to have links, character profile, pictures, fanfiction, media, and much much more!

=^_^="great youkai sesshomaru"=^_^=
gallery/episode list/summaries/lyrics

Sesshomaru:MoonLight Shadow
Lots Of Sesshomaru Pictures,Character Profiles, Inuyasha Mp3's, Song Lyrics, Episode DOWNLOADS, Inuyasha AMV's, Buddy Icons, Wallpapers, download Midi',Trailers,Animated Gif's, and much more...

another general Sesshoumaru fansite....

~The Perfection That is Sesshy~
It's all about Sesshoumaru, the perfect youkai. Come be a follower! Also we recently moved, so if you had us bookmarked, please look into it and change it!

Sesshomaru no Sugoi
A Sesshomaru fansite

The Fluffy-sama Shrine
A site dedicated to (and all about) Sesshoumaru.

Sesshoumaru: Perfect by Nature
This site has alot of info on Sesshoumaru, some doujinshi, and a ask Sesshoumaru section, and some other subjects.

Only A Dream Lover
This site was made because of my luv for Sesshoumaru and kagome.

Sesshomaru no Fanpage
This is what I like to call an up-and-coming site. Some pages are still in the making, yet it shows a three page gallery & fanfiction, but more is on the way. It is covered from head to foot (so to speak) ...

Sesshomaru Pictures, Inuyasha sprites, Tag, Wallpapers, Episode listings, DvD and video game information, Character Bios & add a link.

Sesshoumaru's Island
A great Inuyasha RPG for all!

Kagome/Sesshomaru Shrine-Soulmates
Site based on the paicommunity of Kagome and Sesshomaru. It will host fanfictions,chatroom, pics.

The Lonely Youkai Prince
My site is dedicated to the world of Sesshomaru. I have pages of fanart, some fan fictions, wallpapers, screen caps, misc. pictures and more. I have some things of Inuyasha, but my focus is on Lord Sesshomaru. ...

a site dedicated to inuyasha,and sesshoumaru. contains a bit about their parents,picture, ask a character pages and much more...

The Killing Perfectionist Domain
Come to this website for links to sites with sesshoumaru fanfics and join my message boards and my guest book and also join my community.

Soulmates Forever- A Kagome/Sesshomaru shrine
Site has fanfiction, fanfics, and pictures of the couple

silver and silent
Another site for Lord Sesshoumaru, I have so much stuff I want to put on here I hope you will all love it when its done, and please feel free to join the Sesshoumaru club

Sinfully Good
Sinfully Good is a fansite for the two cold-hearted bishounen of the show Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru and Naraku! (who we love besides their "evilness") So yes, they are sinfully good (looking). ^_^