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Baby steps to a better me.

Faraz Ahmed's Blog
this is a blog on self improvement ,spirituality and how to get rid of your limiting beliefs and fears to manifest your goals and live the life of your dreams. I am interested in metaphysics and you will ...

reneegetsfit.com - a weight loss blog
Documenting my journey to lose 50 pounds by the end of 2005.

Soul Surviving
My journey began with a tragic car accident about two years ago. My husband and one of our friends were killed, and I sustained critical injuries. These are my experiences and lessons learned along the ...

Self Revolution
A heroic effort at changing one\'s course in life. From an overweight, shy, socially anemic and uncertain student to a confident, trim, muscular, outgoing and successful corporate executive. Time frame: ...

How far can I go?
I\'m working to improve my body composition , fitness level, and the way I eat. I use my blog as a sort of exercise and food diary along with things I find useful along the way.

My Plan
This blog is a way I can keep track of how I\'m doing and keep myself motivated (hopefully).

Self Improvement Through Technology
Cover various development in self improvement specifically in area of mind and brain function enhancement.

Life Change Blog
A blog about my personal journey to lose weight, get out of debt and improve my life in every way

My site chronicles my journey of extreme self and life improvement over 15 different categories.

Personal Development Blog Ask Sledge
The crazy man shares his success secrets and self improvement techniques that actually work. He will beat you until you succeed.

This site is maintained by a 20-something female working to elongate her life through eating better and working out. She\'s losing weight every day and will soon reach her goal of 100lbs lost. Follow her ...

Devil May Cry
We r Human! Human r NOT perfect! Human make mistakes! Some Human thought they r so perfect, and disjudge the others. Damn! even a Devil may Cry...

A guide to working with the Law of Attraction. Lots of articles, processes, tips and insights. Plus writings about my own experiences. I also answer reader questions about the Law of Attraction.

Confident Lifestyle
Offers excellent articles on self improvement and links to free self improvement e courses, e books and news letters. Also offers a great selection of self improvement links to books, tapes and more.

Enigmanuts Weblog
This is where I go to blog about art, blogging, Self Improvement, books, myself, Myspace, opinions ,money, how to make money,how to make money online, affiliates, product promotions, banner ads, sales, ...

Transform Your Lives
This site is about \"Helping People Succeed !\". Also, self improvement, provided by a personal life coach. While shacommunity open discussions on a variety of subjects and topics, such as self esteem, ...

18,000 Worlds
18,000 Worlds is a blog that documents one man\'s discovery of creative methods for defying the Spectacle (see ImprovementMedia.com for what that means).

The Starting Line
A new runner's goals, hopes, aches, pains, injuries, flubs, side stitches, shin splints and other such pleasantries.

godiva\'s diet
my life as a young woman trying to lose weight and feel better with herself

Fat Gurl\'s Blog
I\'m fat. I am going to get healthy and lose weight. This is a blog which archives my journey to weight-loss and a healthier life.

Mindware Forum
Weblog about self improvement and personal growth software and websites

Amy's Losin It
This site is my online weight loss journal using "Weight Watchers". My site includes, weigh ins, photos, Online Blog/Journal, guestbook and more...

My Journey to Submission
my journal/journey to submission

health fitness zone for women
Inspicommunity women to live in health, fitness and prosperity

Finding me, Losing me
This is a bolg detailing my relationship with food, exercise, and living in the real world while trying to lose 158 pounds.

The Self Improvement Quest
The Self Improvement Quest is a blog designed to assist it\'s readers in overcoming problems and making the most out of life.

New World Thought
Progressive spirituality for the global citizen. Beyond New Age, progressive spirituality reflects on advancing and leading edge spiritual thought and wisdom of the day. This site welcomes all who are ...

Self Motivation Tips
Self Motivation, Self Improvement and Personal Development tips and articles. Attain your dreams and realize your goals through Self Motivation

Simple Essentials
An off and on again blogging, basketball playing, workaholic, single Mom to two wonderful boys in Fredericton, NB. Iíve straddled stay at home Mom, Work at Home Mom and Working Mom. I gained a huge amount ...

Home Free Business Blog - In Real Life
Striving for Self-Improvement while finding Solutions to Real Life Issues and dealing with issues In Real Life

Sacred Space @ Vegas Aliens
Sacred Space is where Christine, a single mother of two boys, expresses her spirituality, her ideas on homeschooling, and gives insightful reviews on the latest products, books, services, & websites. ...

The Delightfully Healthy Blog
Building a holistic life, one bowl of quinoa at a time.

Fran Gets Fit
A journey to health and fitness

Improving My Life
A collection of tips for a better life.

Project Me: Living Laughing and Loving Right Now
I am a 27 year old wife and mother wanting to be happier and healthier. This is a 365 day journey of a "more to love" woman's quest for a more authentic self.

"Big Girl" no more!
It is time for me to change. If not now, when? I am on a journey to discover a happier, healthier, thinner me. I am ready to live life. I am done watching it pass me by! I refuse to believe that the ...