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a community welcoming the world to promote awareness concerning the oh-so-silent silent topic of self-harm.

Beautiful Monsters
Random rants and ramblings from a 21-year-old queer eco-anarcha-feminist living in Aotearoa, New Zealand. May contain bisexuality, politics, mental illness, Willow / Alyson Hannigan worship, and occasional ...

This site runs the gamot from personal narratives about volunteer work and favorite musicians and poets all the way to first hand information on self injury and depression. It includes personal experiences ...

Banishing Shadows
providing help and support for families and friends of self injurers

shattered mind
personal site- art, poetry, misc.

Displaced Parts
This site was created by someone who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. All of the personalities have their own pages and contribute to main pages. We will not be silent any longer, we will ...

Scarred By Design
This site is about self injury, eating disorders, suicide prevention, and ohter related topics. It alsp has a page dedicated to the movie Girl, Interrupted. And a poetry page.

Crying With A Knife
A site about Self-injury. With Information and help pages, pictures, artwork, links, rants, healing, poems, first-aid, etc. Good site. Come Vist!

the end
girl. bisexual. bipolar. cutter. bits and pieces of me, whoever the hell i am. life is stupid.

Razor Blades and Candy Bars
My livejournal.

razor princesses
brand new, made by a person who cuts(me), being updated with new stuff regularly