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Adventures of a beginning knitter.

My knitting blog.

Knit & Play with Fire
knitting and life at a volunteer fire hosue

Knitting Bee
I'm a mama & a zinester who loves to knit & ramble about knitting & life in my blog.

Knitting from Outer Space
My adventures in knitting, spinning, and dyeing while working on my MLIS.

ARTwin Knits

Just a random hodge podge of rants, thoughts, and pictures from a very stressed graduate student who knits.

It is Rocket Science!

As I roam the Earth in search of Superstar-ville, I chronicle my adventures in knitting and acting.

Confessions of a knitholic: I need to face reality and admit that my hobby has turned into an obsession.

my super Knitting & Dog blog... which is public & NOT a secret. ...but my PAL is (:

Desert Knitter
Web blog where I post pictures of knitting, camping, SCA events, and medieval dresses I have made. General chatter about anything that might be going on in my life and with my hobbies.

Girl's Guide to Make and Boo
Scribbles and pictures about all things creative, especially knitting. Fun things, pretty things and things to make and do.

Garrison's garret Fiber Art

Knit Once, Purl Forever
Just another blog about knitting, blogging, working, living, and all that.

creative soul confessions
a crafty girl, her crafty obsessions and periodic musings on life...


Minxxys World
Scootecommunity, knitting, drinking and fun

Untangling Purls
Meshugas & yarn. wife to sam...mom of 5...knit freak. brief updates on our crazy, wonderful life!

Au fil des mailles
Toutes mes réalisations et mes ouvrages sur les aiguilles.

pick up sticks
A diary of my disastrous knitting and haphazard parenting. Based in Australia and punctuated by many bottles of excellent chardonnay and the odd spot of shiraz.

Dyed in the Wool
A UK-based knitter shares her successes and failures.

Half Baked
Miscellaneous Musings about Life, the Universe and Everything! And Knitting of course :)


Diamonds & Purls
My adventures in knitting and life, with a side trip of kids and such!

Mz Mar's Page
Knitting blog

and knit our powers to the arms of peace!
I like to knit. A LOT.

Two dogs, two kids, two cats, too many UFO's!

Handcrafted soaps, knititng & spinning
handcrafted soap, cream, kniting fool, spinning fiber holcic, tea drinking junkie, sock addict!

Fig and Plum

A blog devoted to knitting and my grandchildren, mostly