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Are you a Secret Friend or a Secret Santa to someone for the holiday season? Have you created a page for your gifts given or received? Then you need join so others can also share in the fun for the holidays. Accepting all pages which have anything for personalization concerning the

GingerBread Cuties For Dianne G.
Site created by Dianne's Secret Friend 2002 from the Garden Of Freindship. Lots of personalized gifts, adoptions, ecards, greetings and more... all with recipricating links so you have some ideas for your ...

Laz's HomeTown Holidays
Secret Santas and Friends For Christmas 2002 With The Site Fights And The Garden Of Friendship. There are numerous "personalized" gifts, some adoptions, plus lots more... Great sources for your giving ...

Donna's Place. Christmas Celebration
My Christmas home on the web and much more