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Bliss Couture
Bliss Couture is new and has two attached affiliates, La Moda Infinito group and Instant Patterns. Designs are male and female. The signature mark is that all designs must have either lace or embedded ...

Spin's Spin on Retrology
Spin Upshaw's Blog on Everything Retrology! Covecommunity the Fashion Scene, Events on the SIM, and the Fab Attractions too! Centered around the fabulous PIN UPS Gentlemen's Club & Night Spot RETROLOGY ...

Bao's Blog
Just a simple blog about my life in SL and musings thereon.

Roxette's SL Blog
The ramblings of a fashion designer

Prim Perfect
Prim Perfect is Second Life\\\\\\\'s first magazine for SL Homes and Gardens. Read the blog for the latest news of designers, stores, and builds - pick up tips and advice and learn about hot new prod ...

Vicious Studios
Vicious Studios blog is dedicated to keeping up with the many activities hosted at Vicious Studios in Lampir as well as writing about many of the other fun things we like in Second Life.

The Dressing Up Box
The Dressing Up Box :: Blogging costumes, avatars, unusual looks, fashion and interesting outfits in Second Life. Because everybody loves dressing up...

Sensual Designs & Animations
Sensual Designs & Animations - Le Cadre\' Network Get all the latest news, updates and releases!

Stella S.
A blog dedicated to personal fashion sense, ideas on how to coordinate second life outfits, and a great source for inspiration!

Rikes Wochenschau

tesoromio blog
I'm a fashion designer on Second Life: here are my shop's updates, bits of my sl, friends, events and....

Hello my name is Kanomi. I am a good girl. Everyone likes me. I am the friend to all. I am a special girl and I have a secret! But I am a good girl and I'm nice. Do you like me? Do you want to be my friend? ...

Tingle Tiny
Express your Tiny! Tingle Tiny Store Website. New outfits and costumes, fashion in SL, Events for tinies, etc.

( Angels ) Second Life® Fashion Blog
(Angels) blog is about my Second Life as Isobel DeSantis and the fashion business I run there. Currently I design shoes, boots & purses & as I expand my range I hope to give you a peek behind the scenes ...

Blog about everything and nothing in SL. Mostly in Swedish but also some English.

Isadora Fiddlesticks' Doorway To Second Life®
a Second Life resident's memoirs and thoughts on life in the metaverse.

HodgePodge Variety by MetaNetwork Media
This is the inworld website and blog of the well known magazine that features people, places, and events in the Second Life world with well written and short articles and beautiful and elegant photogr ...

Suraya Xeno , Ma vie et mes découvertes sur Second Life
Discovery & Day to day life on Second Life. In french, with a lot of photos taken on SL

Bluebell Fashions
Fashion showcase for new releases for Bluebell Productions

Ramblin Rox
The ramblings of Roxette as she stumbles across the grid.

Mossie Designs in SL
A detailed account of my journey in SL with my art and gallery in Second Life, Mossie Design Studio. I showcase my new artwork and also other artists in SL I meet along the way and exhibits I find that ...

Big Boys Toys
My blog is about toys review, and some comics/superheroes related news. Movies,comics and animations...

Cat's Cradle
The RL/online presence of Cat's Cradle; the in-world brand of Second Life artist Kerupa Flow. New releases, contests, news and views on quality-made fashion in SL.

Virtual Neko in Second Life
Virtual Neko is a blog about all things Neko in Second Life, as a central resource for the Neko community. You'll find everything from helpful Neko resource pages and "how to" guides, to fashion tips, ...

massimo! 3D virtual world *SecondLife* in world shop

A blog about second life coupling, clubbin and misbehavin...

The Adventures Of Salt N Pepa
All the latest and the best fashion news,fun and interviews in Second life.

Faux Posh: Jewelry and Piercings
Second Life Jewelry and Piercings by Faux Posh

Ture dure naru koto

Ami You’llTube 略して「ゆる中」

Africa in Virtual Worlds
Journal of the Uthango Social Investments entecommunity virtual worlds - the first Africa-based non-profit company in Second Life (R). Keeping track of the Virtual Africa project as the community ...

Dorlis Dorlis Dorlis
My blog of everyday life and etc.

Men Behaving Badly
In which I document the activities of a certain section of the SL population. A group who believes that Second Life is nothing more than a crudely built adult cartoon site.

Zanna In Second Life
My adventures In Second Life

Magi Keshina's Blog!
Welcome to my Blog! I'm going to post my store items, my favorite sites, and item of interest from second life, so stay tuned!

*massimo!* is the tailor where there is a main store in Lagoon. Casual,formal; dress, suit, costume, KIMONO, Animation camera &more

site main language in japanese

Yet another SecondLife introspection blog
What am I learning about myself as I got through SecondLife?

Deviant Designs
Main blog for news of new releases and special offers at our main shop selling clothes, shoes, skins, shapes, hair and gems.

Welcome to the Train Wreck Love Life
Love, loss, relationships, the dark night of the soul...and shopping.


Le Grenier du Château
Period clothes designers, we cover renaissance, baroque, rococo, victorian and regency style, for men and women, casual and smart outfits and accesories. All made with great detail and exclusive textures ...

On the Loose in Second Life
A little information about a lot of cool stuff in the virtual world we call second Life.

Andy Nakizo's storytime
News and thoughts on my experiences in Second Life ... interspersed with fetish fiction written by moi.

Raphaella Nightfire's SL
Fashion, Design, Law and Human Behaviour: All things SL. A sometimes serious, sometimes satirical view of SL and the events and people that make this virtual world go round.

SL Fashion
A cSecond Life fashion blog for the designers of the stores located at Corrupted Innocence and Flawless.

Bryn There, Done That
A journaling of the life and times of Braunwyn Cleanslate in Second Life. I will post about interesting places I've visited as well as low cost fashion and photography. Basically anything that catches ...

The travels and travails of a multi-universe explorer, with a focus on sights, fashion for guys, tips for newbies and freebies.

Second LIfe Roleplay
Role play in the Second Life metaverse. Tips, tricks, shopping, places to role play, etc.