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Boycotts against the NRA do not work to reign the NRA into submission, to fight this fight without compromising our rights away. The NRA is NOT going away, for there will always be enough simple minded people that will "blindly" follow "Moses". We need to learn from our enemy to INFILTRATE the halls of the NRA with a strong, no-compromising Board of Directors, that will insist on change and get the job done!

NYS According to...
Hi profile political activists defending the Second Amendment, plus the other nine. -- AJC --

freewillie's FreeLand!
freewillie's FreeLand!, an award-winning libertarian site dedicated to Freedom provides essays, humor, quotations, music, graphics and has many {;}links to other freedom-oriented, unique and handy ...

Modern Weapons
An informational site dedicated to bcommunity operation instructions, parts lists and much more for many modern weapons.{;}

Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club
Shows how our club looks and what disciplines are offered.

SmartCarry concealed carry gun holster
SmartCarry concealed carry holsters provide safety, all day long comfort even in 3 digit tempertures, offer no clothing restrictions, t-shirt or no shirt can be worn and offer no body movement restrictions ...

SSgt D's Christian Patriot Outpost
Usefull info and links for christian patriots. Presented in a haphazardly entertaining fashion by an active duty U.S. Marine.

Mikes Page
Mike's little corner of the world. Guns & stuff.{;}

Angel with a 44
This site is dedicated to the truth about the second ammendment and the movement to destroy it,

Free World Order
Most advanced and practical freedom information available anywhere.

The P.A.S.A. Ltd. Home Page
basically a links site devoted to all things sport shooting related, with built in search engine, questionaire,surveys, and a few stories{;}

community Master - Gun Owners Alliance for a No-Compromise NRA
WEBRING MASTER FOR:{;}{;}http://www.GunOwnersAlliance.com/no-compromise.htm{;}{;}The only no compromise gun lobby in Texas and the Nation with a Christian perspective.

It's A Free Counry Communitys Page
{;}{;}{;}This is my WebCommunitys page, you will find a link to my main page here, go check it out. I have many links that pertain to governmental issues, gun laws, words from our Founding Fathers, The ...

a radical-conservative anti-abortion pro-second amendment pro-death-penalty site

Graham's Freedom Site
A site dedicated to Freedom, firearm ownership and the right to self defence for Australians

Guns = Freedom
Man has only those rights he can defend

Exploging Groundhog Productions
The ultimate varmint hunting, Highpower and precision shooting web

Cyberspace Campfire where we hang out with our friends and talk about firearms, shooting, hunting, reloading, politics and nearly anything imaginable.

Deceitful Obama
My website is dedicated to bcommunitying to light all the lies Barack Obama propagated. A lot of the lies are around the second amendment right to bear arms.