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Search engines seem to help make the world go round these days! From Google to people-finder; you can find anything and anyone with just a few clicks. This community is all about search engines and gives you all kinds to choose from.
This is a great community for anyone interested in search engines, how they work, SEO, research and more. We've got a long list of search engines for you to try out if you're looking for something different or just something more.

Search Engines Listed For Your Convinience
We've got Search Engines. Here is a list of different free Internet search engines for your convenience. You can search them from this page! Included is enhance, excite, ah-ah, submit fire, people-finder, ...

Search Engines: Helping You Find the Random and Ridiculous
Have you ever stopped to think about where your life would be without the internet and particulary search engines? We're at a point where we often take it for granted, but how awesome is it that we can search ANYTHING and actually find it no matter how random or ridiculous??

There are literally thousands of different search engines on the web. Practically each day a new search engine is born and added to the growing list. There are the major search engines which are the ones that spring to mind in an instant, Internet search engines that are listed in their thousands, Meta search engines and pay per click search engines. With all of these different types of search engines no wonder that we can get some what confused from time to time!

Firstly let’s take a look at the ones you know best the major search engines. There are currently nine top search engines being used on the internet at this current time: Alltheweb, altavista, AOL, Ask Jeeves, Google, MSN, Netscape, Teoma and Yahoo. When we get really down to the nitty gritty you will find that Google is by far the biggest on this list. You may have thought that Yahoo would have given Google a run for its money but for those of you who do not know or have not realized Yahoo is actually in fact a portal that uses Google searches to find your information! Not many people know this but in nineteen ninety two Yahoo made a deal and a contract with Google for Google to allow them to supply a Yahoo labeled but a purely Google searched result. Yahoo is going to change though and with the end of their contract looming Yahoo are thinking of taking Google on! They have recently bought Overture which owns AltaVista and the search engine part of Alltheweb, they also bought Inktomi so they are getting everything together by the looks of things to become a serious contender!

Now on to the thousands of other smaller alternative search engine sites that is available to use online. Some of these sites use the major sites to provide their results, others use combinations of a few major and minor and others are just very small site in the makings. These site include; Lycos, HotBot, Recall, Truesearch, Wotbox and Alexa. Most off these sites off you free site submission allowing your internet site if you own one to be added to their list of directories so that your site comes up when certain key words are requested in the search information.

There are quite a few Meta search engines out there on the market. The Meta search interface allows you to personalize and customize your page through interfacing. They include; Fazzle, Kartoo, Qksearch, DogPile, Bytedog, Geoswitch, InfoSpace, Ithaki and ProFusion just to name a few.  Many people subscribe and use these sites so that they can invest in their own businesses.

The pay per click sites are quite numerous and charge a fee for your submission. They include; FindWhat, Kanoodle, Looksmart, Google Adwords and Overture. The major player in this game is Google Adwords. This type of advertising is very complicated and takes some time to work out. The sites have web crawlers, keywords, affiliates and other feature to help you to maximize your website’s potential.