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For those who document their unconscious dreams and nightmares.

Dream Capture
A record of my more meaningful dreams in detailed descriptions. These are the ones I never want to forget.

Dreams & Nightmares: A Dream Diary
A circus of the bizarre and the disturbing - postcards from the Dreaming Life.

Dreaming In Color
I have dreams so vivid they are almost like an alternate life. I hope in recording them I can make more sense of my waking life.

Ornamental Illness
lovely nightmares

[spiraling] dreams
Ostriches, ravioli, foot photographers, catnip, Juice Newton cover bands, and other stories.

ScreenDream Community Homepage

The Trinity Pages Weblog
Insights, thoughts, etc. regarding my mental and emotional state at any given time, my past, my present, dreams and symbols, all sorts of things that take place inside my tangled psyche and surreal inner ...

Samantha'a Alternate Reality
My often prophetic and ordinarily strange alternate reality. My dream journal.

Moonlit Visions of the Harsh Reality Impaired
Shacommunity your dreams with others is almost as rewarding as dreaming itself. I would love to see other people's comments or interpretations.

Rapid Eye
A dream journal. My subconscious, up-close and on-line.

My Book of Dreams
A place where I record all of my dreams and nightmares, keeping each and everyone of them alive.

Guernse6's Dream Journal
Guernse6's adventures in dreamland.

A personal journal chronicalling my dreams in an attempt to remember and analyse them.

Ranting Redhead
Originally the site was designed as an outlet for me to comment on current events. However, 95% of the posts so far have been my real-life dreams. I remember pretty much every night. I have often recorded ...

Quest for Lucidity
One man's quest for true lucidity, and complete control over his dreams. An online dream journal.

Dream Scape
I dream VERY vividly! I feel, smell and touch - all the things we aren't supposed to be able to do when we dream. I thought it would be great to write them down and let others have fun trying to interpret ...

Dream Notes
A weblog about your dreams.

These Dreams
A blog about my dreams, with dream dictionary references as well as my own analysis. Documenting my dreams to learn more about myself.