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The Stargate Community for Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis websites. Bcommunitying the Stargate fandom together.

Pictures, downloads, multimedia, wallpapers, forum + chat room. All the usual stuff and more.

love conquers all ... eventually // the vala mal doran + tomin fanlisting
Fanlisting for the relationship between Vala and Tomin, first seen in episode 919, "Crusade."

french/english website with loads of caps of actors/actress in Stargate and other shows, plus photos from conventions, wallpapers...

Rygel Wolfe's Expanding Universe
I originally created this site to help me with my sci-fi collection cataloging. Most pages now contain links to what I consider to be some of the best sources of information for sci-fi and fantasy television ...

Inlcudes an episode guide, cast info and really funny Stargate humor

Stargate SG-1
Info on Stargate DVD's, Interviews,News,Show times.

The Fcommunityedwellers Guide
Describing this thing never gets any easier... Just a huge collection of reviews, comments, piss-takes, magic eightballs, tips for re-booting the universe, clog-dancing mice and Teal'cs unfeasibly large ...

A Tribute to Stargate SG-1 & Michael Shanks
This website is entirely devoted to Stargate SG-1, with emphasis on Michael Shanks

Chevron 26
german/english fanpage with lots of downloads, information and community.

Kitty S
just a lil site i made for my collection for stargate fanfics.

Sam and Jack Corner
pictures, polls, music videos, links, fan fiction,...

kit's jeri ryan and stargate sg1 page page
my site for now has jeri ryan pictures i am curently updating it to include stargate sg1 pictures and information

UK Stargate SG-1
Welcome to UK Stargate SG-1. This site contains main sections including Episode Guide,Exploration,Spin-Offs,Media,SG-1 and community. These sections contain all there really is to know about Stargate SG-1 ...

Stargate SG-1
SG-1 Fan site contains Cast members, Picture Gallery, Goa'uld system Lords. A guest book, Tell everyone how you feel about Stargate SG-1 Episode listings. New a chat room where you can discuss Stargate ...

TL's American Stargate Page
An irreverent look at what is actually a darn good show.

Devoted (a Daniel Jackson/Michael Shanks fanlisting)
a fanlisting dedicated to fans and for Michael Shanks/Daniel Jackson

Pearly's Guide to Stargate SG-1
Not a normal fan site...Original writings and opinions. I've tried to do something which isn't average and like the rest. Friendly and welcoming with everything you'd expect from a dedicated fan!

Stargate Discussion Forum. Discussion Forum for Fans and Non-Fans alike. Non member forum included.

Stargate Omega
a site made to provide information on stargate sg1

Homeworld- Stargate Resource Site
A small site with info on the show with new stuff added frequently

Elisabeth Rosen Online
Fan site for actress Elisabeth Rosen who stars as Lieutenant Jennifer Hailey in Stargate SG-1.

The First Maltese Fansite About The Best TV Serie In This Galaxy, Stargate SG-1.

Teryl Rothery Fansite
The First Maltese Interactive Fansite About The Great Actress, Best Known As Dr.Janet Frasier In Stargate Sg-1 Teryl Rothery.

Amanda Tapping Fansite
The First Maltese Interactive Fansite About The Great Actress Best Known as Major.Samantha Carter In Stargate SG-1 Amanda Tapping.

Stargate: Enterprise
A Stargate RPG that takes place in the future, three generations beyond SG1. Join a team, work at SGC, or play a character from another planet!

Gathecommunity The People of The Tau'ri.