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This community is for those who has a web, fan fiction or character site dedicated to ANY Sci Fi televison show. Web sites such as Farscape, Lexx, First Wave, Sliders, Red Dwarf, V, Buck Rogers, Old and New Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Lost in Space, The Outer Limits etc., can join. ANY and ALL Sci Fi TV shows that have been or is currently on TV can join.{;}

A caffeinated scifi site
Movie Reviews, Vote for your fav scifi lady, scifi wallpaper and art gallery, Star Trek, B5, Lexx, Farscape, more...Ellen Dubin (Lexx) updates - lots of caffeinated scifi fun!

The Dominar's Domain
My site is devoted to his eminence, Rygel XVI, Dominar of the Hynerian Empire, from the show Farscape. We have lots of screencaps, an episode guide, fanfic, plus Rygel related stuff. And a stamp of approval ...

Dedicated to science fiction television series, episode guides, star trek, ufo, and farscape.

"Space, The Final Frontier..." A Star Trek Fan's Tribute
This is a 3 Page Tribute to "Star Trek" THe first tells you how it all started 'n stuff, the 2nd is Called "In Memory Of..." That page is where I pay Tribute to The Star Trek Members who've Passed Away. ...

Lt David Corwin - The Voice of C&C
A sited devoted to the B5 character Lt David Corwin, and Josh Coxx, the actor responsible for his portrayal.

The Farscape Fan Fiction Automated Archive. All ratings and categories of Farscape fan fiction are accepted at Leviathan.

Fanfic, fanart and other goodies dealing with Swamp Thing's Dr. Arcane, Star Trek's Q, and a [beep] of a lot of elves.

Stark Raving
A growing and constantly updated site devoted entirely to Stark from Farscape. One of the few pages to give Stark his deserved accolades. Features a gallery.

Ezza's FanFic
The collection of my Voyager fanfiction{;}and wallpapers!

Terry's site
Website home to Virtual Seasons of sci-fi shows. Featucommunity soon: Beast Wars, Sliders and Hercules. More to come.

Rygel Wolfe's Expanding Universe
I originally created this site to help me with my sci-fi collection cataloging. Most pages now contain links to what I consider to be some of the best sources of information for sci-fi and fantasy television ...

The Deep Space Nine Avatar Website
A fan site for the DS9 Relaunch novels from Pocket Books, starting with Avatar by S.D. Perry. Also the home of Ask Martok - The J.G. Hertzler Q & A.

Delat Voyage
Delta Voyage explores the Voyager ship and its crew including stories, pictures and more!

Dork & Spaz Productions
Star Trek/Anime/Lots of other SciFi crossover fan fiction!

Collinwood By Night Commemorative community
This Community Commemorates The Great Cult Classic Television Series Dark Shadows.

A tribute to Glen Larson's version of the classic Sci Fi adventure, of a man thrust 500 years into the future!