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Fanfiction stories on Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Sword-Sorcery and Action Adventure

The JuPiter Station
The Station is dedicated to archiving fanfic stories devoted to the Janeway/Paris relationship, both platonic and romantic (even stories with a third person involve [ex. J/C/P]). There are also sounds, ...

Jade and Dreamstar's Fanfic
Fanfic for various shows written by to best friends.

The Twice in a Lifetime Fan Page
A fan site for PAX's wonderful show! Includes fanfiction!

Ezza's Voyager FanFic
My FanFiction based on Star Trek Voyager, Wallpapers & Links!

Delta Voyage
Information about Star Trek: Voyager including stories abot the crew, ship information, pictures and more!

Fansite for Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda with background information, screen grabs, fanfiction, wallpapers, fanart and a lot more

Earth's Place in the Intra-Galactic Community
The Earth is already being actively observed by several races from other star systems.This site combines prose commentary about the truth of this fact along with speculative fiction. The current SciFi ...

Hugh Cook Fanfiction
Fanfiction website for Fantasy Author 'Hugh Cook' especially focusing on fanfiction of the 'Chronicles of an Age of Darkness' series. Started in May 2010 by Noahide Author Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, it ...