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Click Member link to see site in tvThe Knitting Archaeologist
An archaeology graduate student who is obsessed with knitting and ancient dead people. My yarn stash? Frightening to all who've had the pleasure of seeing it

In Which I Take Over the World

Shacommunity the Fiber Fever
Weaving, handspinning, knitting, dyeing, a bit of sewing and a few other crafts all find there way here. Much of what I do is "experimental"--which mostly means I'm learning how to make it work!

A Lace Maze is in Jest
An invertebrate zoologist and mom of one knits, sews, spins, and quilts her way through life when she is not chasing insects.

The Digital Knitter
Just another blog about knitting, fractals, military aircraft, and quotidian life.

Knit Europe
The blog of a knitter who spent a year in Europe on a chemistry research fellowship. Follow my knitting in Europe and after I return to the States in search fo a job!

Knit Science
A blog to share my knitting and the KnitScience podcast which endeavors to provide technical tidbits for the knitting (and the scientist) enthusiast.

See Emily Knit
A random log of my activities primarily focused on my knitting.

Crocheting Chemist
A chance to share my crocheting and maybe a little chemistry

Knitting Sunshine

Kitten, mittens and Knit Things
Currently working on getting a masters in physics, I knit instead of doing homework. It will catch up with me, but right now, I have so many projects going... and I mean knitting projects.

talking about my knitting, cats, dogs, books I'm reading, also some funny pet behavior counselor stories

Melissa's Adventures in Knitting
This is the site of a knitting environmental toxicologist. I talk a lot about my son, my job, and my new puppy, Layla.

The life of a Neurotic Mother/Knitter/College Student

Hopping Like a Bunny
a knitting blog about a girl who works in a SCI lab and who is about to begin a post-bacc/pre-health program.

Wescoast Woolies

Sticks and Stones
I study volcanoes and teach people about rocks by day, knit compulsively by night, and write about both.

This is my knitting blog - mostly about knitting but also about the life, the universe and everything ;-) I have another web project: a free knitting pattern collection. Most of the patterns are in ...

Did Gauss Knit?
I am a mathematics graduate student. This is my knitting blog. There will be pretty pictures.


Knitting, Crocheting, Spinning, Weaving,
Knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving,.

Cottondeers Blog
Knitting blog.

Portrait of a Girl
I'm a sophomore premedical student majocommunity in neuroscience at William Smith College. This is my knitting blog. :)

Hot Cakes

Bitten by Knittin
Computer science major would like to abandon software development to devote her hands to knitting and gardening full time. If only!

thorny desert girl

Knitting to Keep My Sanity ... Well, Sort of
This chronicles my adventures or misadventures in knitting, design and other needlework and the humor that usually accompanies my efforts to relax and find serenity.

Clicking Needle
Knitting, spinning, fiber dyeing, and other fiber-related crafts with Annette (a biologist) & Robin (a potterer/teacher).

Medical librarian by day, wife, mom, spinner, knitter, weaver, embroiderer, and yes, there's more by night.

The ramblings of Aim, with some knitting thrown in.

Sanguiknity: The Hopeful Adventures of a Knitting Novice. Come read about my knitting and fiber escapades as I dive in!

Knit and Run
A conservation biologist who has too many hobbies - including knitting, running, and crafting with my relatives

Kittens, mittens and knit things
What can I say, I love my cat, I love my yarn and I make procrastination an art-form. I have a short attention span and I have the best of intentions to finish what cast on ... So once a year I come ...

A blog about knitting, parenting, and the laboratory.

Have Genes Will Travel
Knitting is what I do to unwind after a long day of oncogenetics. Nothing fancy, but always comfortable, and usually of my own design. Natural fibers only - No plastic yarn! My other hobbies are travel ...