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Dr. Rochelle
I live in the Canadian Pacific, I study fish and I knit.

Silver Arrow Knits
This is a tale of wonder and excitement, of danger and thrill, of heartbreak and life lessons. This is a tale of a girl and her knitting.

Knitting Yogini
Materials scientist turned SAHM knits, spins and tries not to go crazy.

There's yarn coming out of everywhere. It's not a bug, it's a feature.

a phonetician and her knitting

Knit Worth
The knitblog of a knitting veterinarian and mom.

hippo and snuffles show
A site where my forays into knitting are shared, along with family news, and other events sometimes through the personas of snuffles and hippo

A House Made of Wool
Current thoughts of a knitter who just bought a house and trying to finish a Ph.D.

Indiana Eponine
My blog is about my knitting and my adventures in Motherhood. I also talk about school from time to time. I am a biochemistry major.

Tea and Yarn
Knit one purl two, sip some tea, pet a dog, discuss everything.

Dove Knits

Bad Mom, Good Mom
Knitting, sewing, quilting, living in LA, and critiques of my job performance as a mommy by my 5 yo daughter. A meteorologist, I occasionally blog about the weather ad nauseum.

All Things Knit and Crochet
I work in a lab ducommunity the day, and then go home to my knitting and crochet!

The adventures of the silver bullet
Things I have made. Things I have done. Random ramblings. And of course, the adventures of the silver bullet - my beloved bike.

Thoughts from the Basement
This site is about my daily life. I work in a basement as a chemist and I knit in my free time.

Fuzzy Galore
An old topologist puts it all into kniting, crochet, various fiber adventures.

My knitting, crochet, and sewing journal

I knit, I felt, I crochet, I sew, and I'm crazy about it!

Villaa ja Villakoiria / Poodles and Wool
I'm a biochemistry student, working in a research laboratory. I have two dogs (sort of) and a cat, and I knit lacy things, mostly. I write in Finnish and in English.

I dream of knitting
I talk about knitting, dyeing and most recently, my puppies. I'm a biology major at Chico State, and sometimes I talk about that, but mostly I talk about knitting.

Urania Sky
An astronomer's take on the knitting thing. That and a whole lot of other nonsense.

Jacquie's Journal
When I work I am a sofware engineer, but I am also studying for a Master's degree in Computing for Commerce and Industry. I have a lot more time for knitting at the moment as I am not working.

Asparagus & Mayonnaise
The life of a PhD student, separated from her husband by circumstance (not by choice!), who crochets, knits, and sews.

My personal blog to babble on about all (non-work) interests in my life - knitting, parenting, quilting, reading, and cats.

Stcommunity Theory
I'm a physicist, and this is my knitting blog.

Kiwi Jo
The blog of a Kiwi Scientist living in the USA. Loves her my hubby, pets, crafts and the outdoors.

A neuroscientist's musings on grad school, crafting, politics, and general randomness


the chemgrrl chronicles
yarn and sticks, flowers and dirt, and some inorganic synthesis thrown in for good measure

Tres Chic Veronique
Chronicles of a brain tumor researcher. Who knits. But you probably figured that part out already.

Nerdy Knitting

Skeins of Insanity
A knitting journal to chronicle my attempts at making insanity into something warm and wearable.

I'm a software engineer by professions and knitter and dog trainer by passion.

Short Attention Span
Another 20-something knitter who has trouble finishing projects.

Knitting Like Crazy

A physics teacher who loves to knit, read, quilt & sew

Keeping track of projects as I learn to knit. Work in environmental science ducommunity the day.

The Knitsy Bitsy Spider
Two friends (a chemist and a patent attorney) talking about knitting and whatever else comes to mind. Also features a directory of free patterns and other knitting related sites.

Knitting Pharm
In Nova Scotia, Deb Barnhill leaves no heel unturned

Ivanova and Carter Knit
A knitting (and crochet, and whatever fiber arts we choose to do) blog run by some physicists, a computer geek and (soon to join), a media professional.

Nuke Knitter
A nuclear engineer who knits? Go Figure.

Robin Knits (sometimes)
The knitting distractions of a chemistry graduate student

Daily ramblings from a Materials Science and Engineecommunity Ph.D. student who has no time to knit or sleep.

Knitterbelle: Perfecting Tongue Out Knitting Since 2006
I'm a 28 yo American living in the UK. I'm just learning to knit and have recently set up my blog.

The Experimental Knitter
Musings on knitting, life, knitting, my lab, knitting, my family, knitting, my pets, and more.

white oak studio
computer scientist by day, artist by night

Kristy Knits
I'm a Master's student in Developmental Biology. When I'm not doing that, I knit. Here is my blog :)

Kaisa's knitting need(le)
Kaisa's mental stash of crazy knitting and felting ideas

Still in the Works
A knit blog by a gal who uses knitting to wind down after a day at the lab.