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From wooly minds come wooly thoughts.

An exploration of the whys of knitting and yarn, what we do, how we do it.

La Cosa Knitstra
An International Knitting Mafia

Skeintily Clad
the crafty blathecommunitys of a scientist with ADD.

Little Pear's Workshop
A place for me to rant and rave about the crafty happenings that come from my room, otherwise known as Little Pear's Workshop.

lazy saturday
a korean girl knitting and going to school in New England

After 13-odd years as a veterinarian, I decided it was time for a change, so I've set my sights on knitting.

Cindy's Craft A.D.D.iction
Chronicles of my craft addiction, especially in knitting, crochet, spinning, and dyeing.

Grumperina goes to local yarn shops and Home Depot
In which Grumperina, neuroscientist by day, silliness embodied by night, explores local yarn shops and Home Depot to see what comes of it.

sissy says
working overseas as an advisor manufactucommunity synthetic dna.

Frog Monkey
Stories of knitting, monkeys, and frogging from a software engineer.


3 Pipetmen, 2 Sticks, 1 Dog
not-so-single female. scientist. crafty. owned by Halley the Italian Greyhound.

Confessions of a Maniacal Thrower
A bluenoser (those are people from Nova Scotia) who is currently obsessed with anything that does not directly involve her thesis - namely knitting and her dog.

Stariel's Knitting and Crochet Adventures
A site about my knitting and crochet projects.

amandamonkey's World of Stitch
Forum for posting knitting, embroidery, and sewing projects and the occasional political or research-related rant.

Warped and Twisted
I'm a final year PhD student in plant cell biology. Crafting keeps me (in)sane.

30 Days of DO
I am a nurse from Massachusetts. My resolution is to do something(relatively creative) in my studio every day for 30 Days. I work Baylor Weekends (work 24, get paid for 36) so that I can indulge myself ...

Fillyjonk's Progress
A college professor who teaches ecology, biostatistics, soils, does botanical research, and, oh yeah, knits too. Or, if you think my life is just like the blog, I knit, quilt, and oh yeah, do that science ...

Fiber arts oriented blog run by a graduate student at Indiana University (MPA/MSES candidate). Random bouts of weaving, knitting, spinning, and sewing occur in between studying up on environmental chemistry ...

It is Rocket Science!
Rocket Scientist by day, Knitter by night!

The Knitting Process

Krafty Koala
Ramblings of a chemistry teacher by day, fiber obsessed maniac by night.

Analyzing Knitter
I am a psychologist and psychoanalyst who loves to knit almost as much as I love to scuba dive.

Monkey Business
A blog about my (mis)adventures as a knitting, reading, graduate student...

...I'm tinking
A molecular biologist dabbling in yarn.

Underwater Knitting
Lots of behavioral ecology, soon to be lots of field work, lots of knitting

electric ladybugland
a biochemist nano scientist who spins and knits in the macro world and makes nano quilts for her job...

Sandpiper Knits
This is the blog of a biologist in diabetes research who loves to knit.

Pocahontas County Fare
Happenings in and around Pocahontas County, including but not limited to entomology, knitting, spinning, Linux, literature and life-long learning of all sorts.

Adventures of Jamie

while the rabbit sleeps
things I do while the rabbit is sleeping

Slipped Stitch
I'm doing a PhD in london on kids science books and teach science communication. I knit too much though.

sheep may safely graze
here's where i write about things i learn while studying hiv, knitting, and living.

HookStars - a fibre blog
I'm a Kiwi chicklette who loves to crochet. I work in a Psych lab, and I'm planning to start my PhD in February. I've got some free patterns, and I'm into knitting, felting, dying and spinning. Pop ...

dopamine fiend
fleeting escapes from brain lab and course work results in all kinds of knitting crafts from this super college student.

Nutmeg knitter
my knitting, in a nutshell.

Knitting Underway
A medical student (soon to be doctor!) who spends most of her free time (and some not-so-free time) knitting.

Knitting in the Great Basin

True tales of knitting, neurons, and everything in between

The Boy Who Knits
Ramblings of a male knitter

pavlovas world
my musings, irregularly, on life, crafting, and how little time i have.

The Decoartor Crab
A blog dedicated to my crafty side. Mostly about knitting, but occassionally includes quilting, sewing, and rants.

A girl, two bunnies and a room full of yarn

Professor Knitwit
Read about a young psychology professor navigating the world of academia and knitting

I mostly knit and cross stitch. I am Icelandic but live in Concord, CA and am a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineecommunity, a wife and a mother of two girls.

You're only bored when..
This is my all-purpose-craft-blog, chronicling my adventures in knitting, sewing and whatever other crafts catch my interest.

Daily life with regular knitting and cooking updates and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Knit My Dog
A blog about knitting, Moebius my "puppy" dog, and my adventures with Howie - the sweetest husband ever.

The Magpi
In which I share the miscellaneous things Iím making, admicommunity, thinking - and my love of shiny things.