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A community dedicated to promoting suspending belief until there is good cause not to.

Ducks of the World Unite
Should I tell you what this site is about? Do you deserve to know? How long have you been reading this, and why? What are you actually doing or achieving? Where is "cyberspace?" What is that anyway? Well, ...

Critical Notes on Tom Bearden and Richard Hoagland - NOTES on AIAS

Warmal Globing: The Lighter Side of Global Warming
Featucommunity the lighter side of global warming alarmism; the more outrageous claims, errors of logic, and of course no consensus!

Warm Earth Not
The lighter side of global warming: flawed science, biased coverage, and no consensus!

A blog on Science, God, Supernatural, Evolution, Extinction, Humans, Life, Perception, Truth and False, Scientific Principles and much more.