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House of Mercy
I have a fun, family, and pet site

The Wolves' Refuge
This site is dedicated to helping people learn more about existing and extinct wolves.

Laslo's Home
My humble fortress of solitude on the web.

Fairy WaterLily
This is a website about Fairy WaterLily. There are charms, mini globes, cartoon dolls, links and much more! :o)

Kate's Place
A personal site about me, my interests, and hobbies. There's heaps of fun things for the visitor to do, and an entire section devoted to The Site Fights.

Neopian Books
A place where fellow Neopets players can go and find a list of books from the site.

Les racines de la Famille Huppe dit Lagroix
My ancestors from Alencon,Normandie,France to{;}New France mid-17th century.I am proudly a descendant{;}of Michel-Paul Huppe dit Lagroix and Marie-Madelaine Roussin.{;}Surnames of Hupe,Huppe,Huppie,Hu ...

Sunshine's Charms
This page shows all of my charms!

Bethel 5 Manitoba
Come learn about the International Order of Job's Daughters, Jobies in Manitoba and Bethel 5!

The Wizard Kid's charms collection
My charms collection from TSF friends

Ashley's Bubble
Count of Monte Cristo, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, reads, my clique(Con't Stop Dancing), Site Fights spirit, and more :o)

Fairy Undine's Magical Garden
A enchanting site with lots of information about fairies, fairy gardens, and even making a house for your fairy to live in.

Site fights Charm club member

Draven's Realm
This is just a small, but growing site that I made, dedicated to my FIRST BABY BOY, Draven!!! YAY!...it has some of his younger pics, and some stuff about me, and some poetry, and of course, SPIRIT PAGES!!! ...

Laz's Realm Of Charms and Trinkets
Showing my TSF spirit with charms. There's also tips for the SiteFights, the DJESTER Royale Teammates info, Jest4Fun, Specialty Monthly Adoptions, Awards galore and so much more. *NEW-see my VE form on ...

My site is a children's web story as well as some other fun stuff like...web adoptions, my kids stories and of course all the Fight Site stuff.

Life Happens
Charms. curios,adoptons. My Story.poetry, memorials and tributes Spirit pages and much more

Kristine's and Spirit Nutty Gals Spirit Charms!
My site offers Free Webpage graphics, backgrounds, tubes, printables,and comming soon, greeting cards!! This is my newest addition, My Spirit Charms!

Lady Lisa
Poems from the Heart

Welcome To MY World
My little insane corner of the net

DSpirit Charm Club community

A Dragon's Tale

Speedy does Charm's
Speedy's place to keep her treasured charms....

Barby's Place
Barby's Place is all about the things I love and collect

My little Spot for my Charms
My little spot in the world. I love charms.