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Here you will find sites that believe the magic of fairy tales, myths, and fantasy should be encouraged. If you agree, please join this community.

Anita Lee's New Age Website
Anita's website for Pagan, Wiccan and other Alternative Spirituality.. You'll find links here to several pages of information regarding the Wicca and Pagan paths, along with links for Tarot readings, a ...

Raven Queen's Domain
Our little fae home is a small but growing refuge for the fae and merfolk of the world; maginificent fae and merfolk art, gifs and our own adoptions are included here, with more goodies to come. Also ...

Save the Magic at Moon Mage's Lair
The homepage for the Save the Magic Community at Moon Mage's Lair.

Celestial Seasonings
My secret fae home, features dolls, poetry, communitys, games, and whatever else i feel like adding in when i have the time to :D

Southern Fae
everything fae and then some!

Jenna's and Kara's Secret Garden
A site dedicated to the fae including art links, poems, goodies, spells, a quiz or two, and much more

Cove of the random Goddess
It is a little realm of my Random thoughts. A goddess incarnet!

Faery Unicorn's Fae Site
a celebration of all that is fae