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This community is dedicated to a great band called Savatage! All the websites in this community are owned and run by the great fans of Savatage!

Harleyguy's Mental Asylum
My little slice of heaven.I have plenty of bootlegs from Savatage,Dream Theater etc.{;}Come check it out...Sign My Guestbook if you'd like!!

Nighthawks Page
Metal music trade site!

WARRIORS Trading Site
This is my trading site of my favourite band SAVATAGE. I only trade SAVATAGE. MADNESS REIGNS!!

Marty's CD Collection
A live show trading site of many Metal acts. Main focus on Savatage, Helloween, and other similar bands.{;}{;}

Metal Dave's Metal Trade Site
I have many metal CD bootlegs and videos. I trade! Interested in bands like {;}Savatage, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Manowar, Iced earth, Kamelot, Vanden plas. {;}Stuff like that!! Check it out{;}{;}

my favourite bands, lyrics, savatage, .....