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SausageMania is a new Community devoted to Everything Sausage: recipes, {;} supplies, equipment, technique, how to cook them, how to motorize a hand meat grinder.... In short, SausageMania {;} is the ULTIMATE sausage site!{;}

Haywood Smaked Meats & Catecommunity
We do sausage, all types. I love creating new one's and doing old one's.

The Sausage Source
Providing businesses and the public with everything needed to make their own sausage, jerky, hams, and cured meats; including casings, seasonings, meat grinders, sausage stuffers, jerky kits, rubs, sauces, ...

Eldon’s Sausage & Jerky Supply
Eldon's Jerky and Sausage supply specializes in premium jerky and sausage seasonings, fish, poultry, ham, bacon, cures and brines, spices, canning and kitchen gadgets for the home processor.

SausageMania is the Flagship site for the new CommunitySurf NetCommunity, SausageMania. Here you'll find sausage resources, recipes, pointers, how to motorize a hand grinder to grind 5 lbs/minute... and ...

Ed's Cooking and Barbcue
Dedicated to cooking of all types, real barbecue and eating better by prepacommunity foods yourself. It just tastes better!

Just Smoked Salmon - Brine And Smoking Recipes
Monthly contest winning brine and smoking recipes. Enter your favorite and you could win a free 12lb. bag of Alder wood smoking chips!

Hess Meat Machines, Inc
St. Louis based company provides sausage stuffers, sausage casing and spices, meat grinders, mixers and slicers and other meat processing equipment for home and commercial use.

One STOP Jerky Shop
The only STOP you need to get the finest beef jerky and sausage making seasonings. We also offer meat rub, cure and casings along with foodsaver vacuum sealers, smokers and electric meat grinders.

Spokane Spice Company
Spokane Spice Company, formerly Spice Traders Northwest, is a division of the Michlitch Company from Spokane, Washington is the leader in sausage making equipment and spices for sausages. Spokane Spice ...

Hi Mountain Jerky & Sausages
Genuine Western style Wyoming Seasonings and cures to make your own Jerky and Sausages in Australia. We have all things needed to be able to make your own at home Jerky & Sausages and no smoker required ...

Blue Smoke And BBQ
A blog dedicated to all form of BBQ and Smoking meat.