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Did the version of this ring at that other provider not leave you satisfied? I saw you in the corner, reading my words "A ring for philosophical satire. Instructions for those who wish to join can be found on the homepage." as you silently mouthed "Say it, you big, post-existentialist hunk of rule utilitarian meat. You know you want to." But we're online, so all I can do is type, as you writhe in frustration pondering those words "scholarly intercourse" that promise so much, but generally add up to being nothing more than another night in the library, and not even in the back of the stacks with your "research partner". Trust me, I'm a math major, I totally know, but sign up and take part, and maybe together we can make sparks fly. Just hit the keys hard enough, and the rest will follow.

Ring Homepage
Information you need to know. That put us at 29 characters, and the system has been set to refuse any description that is less than 1000 characters long, so some pointless gibberish now has to follow. xxxxxxxxxx ...

My Postmodern Art Gallery
A young, politically correct artist explains the thinking behind his work. Sort of.

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Two of them, to be exact - one for getting in touch with the man about any community related matters and the other for news about updates to his sites. 1,000 character minimum, huh? Fine. Fine. Fine. ...