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Are you sarcastic? Are you geeky? If so, this is the community just for you!

The webhome of antonio farinetti; software developer, college student, nasa employee.

Steve's Blog
Personal blog that I made in using Ruby on Rails.

Bitch | Lab
"Scream-of-consciousness prose, peppered with sociological observations, political ruminations, and in-yore-face colloquial assaults." -­Red State Son "Come for the animal porn, stay for the cultural ...

infinitely pie
General silliness in the form of rants, stories and photoshopped images.

I Am Jack's Wasted Life
This is the blog of Geoffrey Hofman-Frethem a.k.a. GSeven. In addition to standard blog fare, expect poetry, photography, & other artistic expressions. Its theme comes from the movie/book Fight ...

Anomalous Noodge
The title says it all... doesn't it?

Sarcasmo's Corner
Now more pretentious than ever.

The eclectic personal domain of an eccentric American permanent expatriate in Australia. Site houses rants, a weblog (which also has rants in it), miscellaneous personal stuff, a photo gallery, and links ...

My name is Luka.

the journal of a starving artist
i'd say "the adventures out of work actor," but that's not exactly true, i DO have a job and i still act, i just don't get paid to act. so yea, it's just "the adventures."

i like to dress my dog up and take pictures of her. secretly, you know she loves it.

am i missing?
The personal thoughts of a twenty-something music obsessive who loves Dashboard Confessional and US punk.

kadyellebee is a journal site, with lots of ways that a hopelessromantic lives and loves in the digital world.

Warped Core: The Blog/Anti-Blog Reaction
On the contradictory terms of spreading the message of the ridiculousness of blogging, the Warped Core weblog was founded. Articles and commentaries on the general stupidity of humanity, random product ...

The Account of David Pryor
Thoughts on religion by David Pryor...{;}

Reprobate Silver
Journal of a weirdo with virtually no life to speak of but plenty to say about it anyway.

ZardozZ® News & WebPortal
Community Portal focusing on political humor, current world events, politics, religion, sports and the endless every day madness that continuously surrounds us all. Welcoming interactive comments and discussion ...

I am the Hermit. I blog, drink Dr. Pepper, and endure mediocrity
Thought provoking, insightful articles and poetry, killer artwork, and a glimpse of the surreal.

Read about my lack of progress as I try to break in to the porn industry and rant about everything on the way.

POlitics, religion, culture - because language is a virus. Intertranspenetrance Particles ... or waves.

William's Bloody Hell
One weird site run by one weird guy. Pretty pictures to look at and fun reads! Lots of original content! Contests and submissions, too! Yes, we're ALL mad here...

6 4 8 r 1 3 | | 3
Pix, life and video tales.

Another senseless blog coming to you from Savannah, GA.

Great Googly Moogly
One woman's quest for normalcy in an abnormal world. Welcome to my horrible, terrible, soap opera sit-com life. A military wife shares her day-to-day. Often rated "R" for language.

Danz Family
Conservative family blog, website and a whole lot more from Tulsa, Oklahoma.